Sneak Peek: Volkswagen Golf R’s 2024 Debut

Thrill on ice: the new Golf R’s exhilarating drive at Austria’s Zell Am See Ice Race.

After revealing the updated Volkswagen Golf, the company from Wolfsburg introduced the latest model of their flagship car, the Golf R, at the Ice Race in Zell Am See, Austria. The Golf R will make its official debut later this year.The revamped Volkswagen Golf was recently unveiled, and to showcase their top-of-the-line model, the Wolfsburg-based manufacturer displayed the new Golf R at the Ice Race in Zell Am See, Austria. Fans can expect the official release of the Golf R later this year.

Despite being camouflaged by a blue wrap, subtle modifications can still be seen in the design of the Golf R. Notably, the front lower bumper has been updated with only two horizontal slats instead of the previous three, and the middle section of the lower slat has been angled towards the center. This is where the new radar sensor is positioned, a feature also present in the lower-level models. Additionally, the headlights have been revamped to achieve a sleeker appearance compared to the previous version.

Volkswagen has been keeping quiet about the specifics of the upcoming Golf R. However, they have revealed that the previous model, the Golf R 333, had an impressive output of 328 horsepower. This increase in power will undoubtedly make its way into the newest Golf R, as the current version only boasts 315 hp. Interestingly, the latest Golf GTI has already received a boost in power to 262 hp, although the exact numbers for the US version have yet to be disclosed.

According to Reinhold Ivenz, the head of Volkswagen R, “Volkswagen R has been the premium performance brand of Volkswagen for over 20 years, representing sportiness and dynamic performance.”

It is uncertain if the new Golf R will offer a manual transmission choice. Prior to its unveiling, CarBuzz was informed that the revised Golf GTI would no longer include a six-speed manual option. Nevertheless, there remains a strong desire for a manual gearbox in both the Golf R and GTI models; according to Hein Schafer from VW USA, 40% of buyers of these vehicles in 2022 preferred to have control over shifting gears themselves.

Let’s see if the refreshed R-badged Golf will still bring joy to car enthusiasts with a manual transmission. According to Ivenz, the upcoming Golf R is expected to debut sometime this summer. Hopefully, it won’t be too long until we can test out these upgraded models.

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