Sneak Preview: Lamborghini Testing New Huracan

Lamborghini’s Supercar: Huracán Successor Slotted Below Revuelto

While certain aficionados of supercars may be feeling dispirited due to the coming retirement of the Huracán Lamborghini, others are stirred with enthusiasm with respect to its alternative. Thanks to alert photojournalist Brian Williams’ savvy snaps, these devotees can now get a glimpse in advance at the substituted Lamborghini Huracán.

Lamborghini’s formula for the successor of the Huracan remains quite similar to earlier attempts. Its design evinces that this vehicle could only have come from the automaker’s headquarters in Sant’Agata.

At the same time, the disguised frontal end appears to recall the Lamborghini Gallardo (the Huracan’s antecedent) with its thoughtful headlight decals. Yet a detailed view reveals that the real lamps are more contemporary and sit closer to the grille.

Visible modifications involve a double-bubble roof and bigger air intakes set behind the doors for the purpose of supplying oxygen to the engine placed in the middle.

If current industry speculation holds true, the rehash of the Huracan will have a V8 engine and be turbocharged, instead of the natural V10. The information is still extremely confidential, however, the hierarchy maintains its establishment with the modern Lamborghini Revuelto being the fiercest car in range. Power-wise it generates a plus 1,001 horses by incorporating three electric swayers together with a naturally suctioned V12.

The successor of the Huracan will provide reduced capabilities, while benefiting from electric motors in addition. To attain further insights into this vehicle, one must remain patient up to its launch date at the end of 2024.

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