Speed Demons: VW Golf GTI Clubsport Goes All Out on the Autobahn

VW’s junior model competes with larger rivals in the industry.

As automobile enthusiasts, we may not readily acknowledge it, but we are quite privileged. In this day and age, where we have access to 500-horsepower Ford Mustangs and 300-hp Toyota Corolla hatchbacks, it is no wonder that the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport effortlessly dominates the Autobahn in Germany.

Volkswagen does not currently make the Clubsport available to American consumers, positioned as it is between the typical GTI model and the ever-popular Golf R. This variant of the iconic hatchback boasts slightly less power than its larger sibling, delivering 300 horsepower and 309 pound-feet (420 Newton-meters) of torque through its front wheels thanks to a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. This level of performance allows the vehicle to reach 62 miles per hour in a respectable time of 5.4 seconds.

VW Golf GTI Clubsport is the BEST MK8 GOLF on the AUTOBAHN!

The Clubsport effortlessly achieves its stated maximum speed of 155 miles per hour (250 kilometers per hour). During a trip on the Autobahn, the speedometer surpasses this speed, reaching a high of 165 mph (267 kph), however, the driver’s phone GPS reading consistently remained at 155 mph. As a family-friendly hatchback, it maintains a stable and composed appearance at its top speed – giving off an almost tranquil sense.

Volkswagen enhances the model by equipping it with an improved Vehicle Dynamics Manager, optionally adding adaptive shocks, lowering the suspension, and increasing positive camber on the front axle. Furthermore, engineers have also made adjustments to the steering in order to improve its feel.

Volkswagen has recently made upgrades to the Golf GTI, increasing its power in Europe. This has sparked speculation that the Clubsport may also receive improvements. Additionally, the automaker is teasing a revamped Golf R set to be revealed this summer, and there are high hopes that its 315-horsepower output will see even further enhancements.

Source: AutoTopNL / YouTube

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