Spied: Next-Gen Skoda Kodiaq in Sweden

Sunny Views of Camo Test Vehicle

New images of a obscurely plastered prototype Skoda Kodiaq from our northern photographers out on the street during frigid temperature testing have surfaced. We are luck to acquire pictures of the highest quality encompassing each edge of the three-rowed SUV. Fortunately, the conditions enabled us to guilefully take them.

We have the chance to assess if anything has changed since the last time we saw this prototype. The license plate remains the same, so that is useful for comparison. All appears to be exactly as it was, even that fiddly fuel cap on the back-right. However, with appropriate lighting and the correct placement, we can observe much more detail, such as the contours of the Kodiaq’s rear side windows at the D-pillar. It looks like they are set at a sharper angle to the glass, and there may be a slight change in the beltline height.

Stepping to one side, it’s difficult to ignore the figure written on the Continental ski tires, which corroborate the presence of 18-inch rims at least in a single level. At the rear end, we recognize the same tail lamps we previously speculated may have been mere stand-ins for other ones. Viewed with such vividness now, it appears those are the final components. Also, don’t let the missing exhaust pipe confuse you into believing this is an electric car. The ventilation system is tucked away behind the back panel.

At its front, the latest Kodiaq model isn’t too dissimilar from earlier editions. The grille appears wider and the headlights have an insignificant size. An observation of the lower fascia highlights how the lower grille continues all the way up to the vertical openings on the edges. It appears a vast majority of the upper grille, subsequently diminishing in size to stretch over the gills.

We have yet to get a glimpse of the interior. Peeking through the glass, we can make out what seems like a huge middle screen installed in a free-standing fashion. Contrary to expectations, it appears that this new model actually uses the existing MQB platform of the original Kodiaq. It is still not certain what powertrain configurations are going to be available, however speculation suggests that hybrid and plug-in hybrid options will be available.

Skoda is progressing speedily with the Kodiaq. The existing series got an upgrade in 2021, and preceding accounts declared a novel form would land in 2023. Contemplating the recent renewal, we foresee that debut will take place late in 2023, probable making this a 2024 model-year motor.

Source: Automedia

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