th Mark Your Calendars: The Next Skoda Octavia RS Arrives This February 14th!

Skoda’s Top-Selling Car: Hatchback and Wagon Getting Mid-Cycle Upgrade

Following closely behind the updated Volkswagen Golf, the Czech Republic’s larger counterpart is gearing up for a comprehensive makeover. Skoda has revealed initial design drawings of the revamped Octavia that will be showcased on February 14th. With both sedan and wagon versions showcased in the teaser images, we can look forward to seeing the complete lineup next week, including the top-of-the-line RS model.

The digital illustrations are inevitably too impressive to be genuine considering that the actual product will not exhibit the same level of refinement. However, we can observe intriguing elements, like the revamped daytime running lights which now stretch downwards on the front bumper. The upcoming 2024 Octavia model will incorporate cutting-edge matrix LED headlights adorned with distinctive blue accents.

The first rule for rewriting this article is to keep the exact quoted text: “At the rear, the updated taillights with interrupted lines send an Audi A4 vibe.” Skoda has given the Octavia RS a more fierce look with its revamped taillights that feature interrupted lines, reminiscent of the Audi A4. Additionally, the front bumper has been designed to exude a more aggressive feel, and the wheels now boast an “RS” logo, adding to the sporty appeal. The upcoming debut will also showcase the Sportline trim, which sits just below the RS model and serves as the Octavia’s equivalent of the Golf R-Line.

The interior of the upcoming Octavia has not been revealed with any images. However, considering the recently released Volkswagen Golf Mk8.5 and its impressive touchscreen display, it’s likely that the Octavia will also receive this feature on its dashboard. This is not a mere speculation, as a prototype seen testing in August 2023 already had the enlarged infotainment system. While the Golf maintained similar interior design elements in its latest iteration, the Octavia is anticipated to have minor updates. For a glimpse inside, take a look at the attached spy shots.

It will be intriguing to observe if Skoda has plans to offer the new and improved Octavia RS with a diesel motor, especially considering the absence of the Golf GTD. There’s also uncertainty surrounding whether the petrol version will receive the same power upgrade as the Golf GTI. As a reminder, Volkswagen boosted the output of the 2.0 TSI engine by 20 horsepower, bringing it to a total of 261 hp. The revised Octavia RS is unlikely to come with a manual transmission since the latest GTI will only be available with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

The Golf GTI is not available in a wagon form, making the Skoda Octavia Combi RS a popular choice in Europe. This sleek estate is set to receive a refresh soon. In the coming months, we can also expect refreshed models of its mechanical counterparts: the SEAT/Cupra Leon hatchback and wagon, as well as the Audi A3 hatchback and sedan. Additionally, VW has plans to present an updated version of its Golf R high-performance hatch, and hopefully, the R Variant will also make a return.

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