Spike the Bulldog, Digital Assistant for Minis

English Bulldog Debuts at Shanghai Show

Mini is introducing a fresh four-footed bud to the domesticity by way of Spike, their Mini Intelligent Personal Facilitator.

A groundbreaking enhancement to the BMW technology Mini takes from, the tiny computer generated pup is inspired by an English Bulldog and will be showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 18th. His presence can be seen in several solid and digital forms, especially in the Mini Aceman Concept.

The Aceman Concept made its debut a year ago, heralding the arrival of an all-new Mini crossover model below the Countryman. Styling was even funkier than before with bright colors, exaggerated accessories, and an interior boasting a colossal round touchscreen that projected images directly onto the dashboard. This rang true as a fitting stage to present the delightful and amusing pooch personal-assistant for the first time.

MINI Introduces Us To Spike, Their New Personal Assistant

Spike has been involved in the Mini family since 2001, largely through ads featuring a real English Bulldog. Mini noted that due to its tenacity, origin and adoring qualities, this canine embodified the brand perfectly. This trend was revived in the start of the decade when the new Mini Cooper was debuted and it seemed fitting to bring out the pup again during their shift to electrification.

“Mini will forever be connected to emotions and extraordinary experiences,” declared Oliver Heilmer, Head of Mini Design. “That’s why we are now ushering in Spike as a digital entity. And he is more than just a design experiment – he is turning into a vibrant companion for the user experience.”

Spike is making a big debut, popping up as pieces of art incorporating components from toys, sculptures and urban-style pop culture. An artistic synthesis of these various trends, Spike is sure to be a hit with discerning art lovers.

Previously mentioned, Spike will be visible on the OLED monitors, with him scurrying back and forth across the dashboard of the exhibition. We anticipate that the OLED display will be included in the final model, however we doubt this concept of projection will make it as well. Yet, it has to be said, it certainly would surely be an extraordinary accomplishment.

“Spike Mode” is set to be revealed in the coming months, and will feature in the upcoming Aceman, which is due to be released in 2021. The Aceman will be smaller than the Countryman, yet boast more interior space, and offer two different electric powertrain options with a greater range than the existing electric Mini Cooper.

The probability is that an electrified variant of the burgeoning Countryman and Mini Cooper will see the light of day in 2021. That being said, the Countryman promises to be extremely thrilling with its 308hp and four wheel drive system.

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