Spy Photos: Peugeot 208 Facelift Unveiled

Spotted: e-208 Supermini

In 2020, a total of 206,816 Peugeot 208 units were sold, earning it the title of top-selling ride across Europe. The B-segment hatchback was victorious in dislodging its long-standing rival, the VW Golf, after it had held on for 14 years. With this result, the lion logoed firm reclaims first position for the first time since 2007 when the predecessor model to the 208, the 207, had been awarded first place. Going forward, in order to sustain its extraordinary success, the French car manufacturer is set to introduce a mid-cycle upgrade to this highly sought-after supermini.

Despite being revealed in March 2019, some months before the 2008, Peugeot opted to prioritise the facelift of their crossover which we observed at the start of May. With this in mind, it is expected that the subcompact hatchback should soon inherit the same upgrades implemented onto the equivalent crossover. Presented in these recently captured spy shots is said to be a e-208 sporting peculiar aerodynamic wheels that happen to be concealed with camouflage.

At the back, the redesigned tail-lights emulate the style of the 2008 model and we expect they will incorporate the recognizable three-claw design that is likely also present in the front bumper, as the crossover now sports three vertical lines. On the exterior, further alterations should be finished up by new wheel designs and color variations to choose from. The SUV’s variant has been added with diverse sizes of alloys, an option of two-tone GT with a black roof, and black mirror caps for every trim.

Our spies took a look inside too, where it is evidently evident that the 208 shall reap the rewards of the cross-over’s customisations. All versions of the 2008 are now equipped with a ten inch touchscreen, while the Allure and GT variations boast a brand new 10 inch digital driver display that boasts 3D effects for the latter trim. As this prototype is electric, of course it has an automatic transmission – but Peugeot are introducing a newly-designed gearshift lever for the manual 2008s that will likely be transferable to their superminis.

In late September of 2022, Stellantis launched a revised e-208 EV. Its new electric motor produces 156 horsepower (115 kW) — an impressive upgrade of 20 hp (15 kW) in comparison to its predecessor. Torque remains the same at 260 Newton-meters (191 lb-ft). An upgraded 400V battery pack with a useable capacity of 48.1 kWh provides additional range of 10.5 percent, now reaching 400 kilometers (249 miles) on one full charge.

For 2008, the introduction of a new hybrid system with 136 hp in a gasoline engine paired with a twin clutch six-speed automatic transmission will be taking place early in the upcoming year. Peugeot is claiming that the combination of the DCT and the electric motor will result in 15 percent less fuel consumption than the equivalent non-hybrid setup. Furthermore, the company believes that this crossover vehicle will largely coast in EV mode for over 50 percent of its city travel.

The facelifted 2008 and e-2008 models are hitting the market this summer, and the redesigned 208 is anticipated to be available either by the end of this year or the start of 2024.

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