Spy Shots Reveal Upcoming DBS Replacement: V12 Super-GT from Aston Martin

V12 Continues: Anticipated Survival

Aston Martin has been creating a buzz in the automotive world with the significant enhancements made to their DB12 grand tourer and Vantage sports car. However, the ultimate challenge remains: the creation of a top-notch supercar. Our keen-eyed spy photographers have recently captured the first testing of the highly anticipated V12-powered Aston Martin DBS.

The flagship model of Aston Martin, which was initially planned to be a mid-engine supercar but was scrapped last year, may now bear the iconic Vanquish name. This high-end vehicle is expected to share the same platform as the DB12, but with one major distinction: it is rumored to feature a mighty V12 engine.

The DBS 770 has retired its nameplate, however it has never truly said goodbye to its powerful 12-cylinder engine. This impressive motor boasts a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12, churning out an impressive 759 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. A solid foundation to build upon.

The anticipated transmission for the DBS/Vanquish is expected to remain unchanged, meaning that a significant increase in torque is unlikely. However, Aston is determined to enhance their performance against Ferrari’s upcoming 812 Superfast successor, as well as two other new models set to debut in 2024. It is not difficult to envision power output reaching 800 horsepower.

To better control its formidable performance, enhancements will be made to the suspension, braking system, and aerodynamics. This is evident in the notable presence of a rear diffuser. Aston Martin has displayed its ability to effectively upgrade previous models, providing a rejuvenated feel. The DBS is sure to stand out, especially when compared to its shared platform sibling, the DB12, following a test drive.

Much like its predecessors, the upcoming Aston Martin supercar will feature vertical headlights and noticeable vents on the front fenders. These trademark design elements will be accompanied by a massive front grille, extensive hood vents, a discreet front spoiler, an integrated trunk spoiler, and the aforementioned diffuser. The car will also sport staggered wheels, four exhaust tips, and a full-width LED light bar.

The next model of DBS is anticipated to be unveiled in the summer, potentially overshadowing the presence of Koenigsegg and Porsche at Monterey Car Week. For now, we only have a limited amount of time to witness the unveiling as the cover-up is removed and information begins to surface.

We will keep you updated.

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