Ssanger 911: Unique Diesel GT3 Cup

Admiring NZ Creativity.

When it comes to bespoke Porsches, the name Singer is easily recognizable. But, have you ever come across the moniker Ssanger?

Nope? Well, now that you’ve heard about it, let us provide some details. This wild and unique 911 GT3 Cup car has a one of a kind configuration, combining the engine and chassis from a SsangYong Actyon Sport pickup truck. What’s more, the owner intends to race this truck nation-wide in New Zealand’s 24 Hours of Lemons competition in order to demonstrate how brilliant an concept this is.

The Drive recently communicated with the contractor, Nick Mitchell, proprietor of Mitchell Race Extreme (MRE) located in New Zealand. MRE takes a great deal of pride in their specialty creations for motorsports and exclusive constructions, for instance a bespoke Holden Cruze race vehicle and an exquisite Challenger R/T that would even cause SpeedKore to shed a tear.

We deem this Porsche creation as one of the most extraordinary manifestations, by far, that it has ever accomplished. Unconventional it may be, yet nothing can surpass, in our opinion, the magnitude of its accomplishment.

So, how does one come up with such a wild concept of joining the iconic ride of the 20th century and the chassis of an forgettable truck from a South Korean manufacturer? The answer lies in the former proprietor of SSangYong’s New Zealand dealer, Dean Cooper. During the course of their acquaintance, he and Mitchell developed a bonkers Ferrari 458 that had been stuffed with a Chevrolet Indycar V8. Both of them were so taken with the end product that a long-lasting bond quickly formed.

After some brief investigation, Cooper found out that the seller had acquired it from a Porsche dealership passionate of owner named Steve.Several years on, Cooper found himself in the parts department of a local Porsche dealership searching for components for his 1980 911 SC. As he perused the area, he suddenly fetched sight of a 997 GT3 Cup-car–or at least what remained of it–which had met its end through an accident many years ago. Noticing something of interest, and with a little inquiry, Cooper was able to learn that the seller had procured it from enthusiastic Porsche aficionado, Steve.

He was instantly drawn to the automobile, knowing that it had the potential to be a great base for his next project. As the provider of SsangYong models, he investigated the various vehicles available to determine which one would serve as the best source vehicle, and it had to be a pick-up truck – an obvious selection.

Astounded? We are too, still Cooper’s logic isn’t outlandish. When the Actyon Sport pickup was presented initially, Cooper thought of introducing a racing series regarding this little vehicle since everyone knows that Kiwis and their abutting Australians have an enduring passion for their “utes.” He associated with MRX to carry out his expectation. All vehicles were transfomed including 2.3-liter inline-4 engines from Mercedes, four-speed sequenial gearboxes, roll cages, and extra!

Skip forward a few years, and the Porsche seller was contented to part with its decrepit bodywork, even presenting it to Cooper free-of-charge. Approaching MRX for a second time, Cooper was delighted to receive an ecstatic welcome.

Clearly, the task of installing a Porsche onto a truck frame was not straightforward; however, Mitchell attests that it was not too difficult. After mending damaged components and making a few alterations to it, they cut the 997’s box scaffold to give it a proper fit.

As mentioned by Mitchell, now that the elements were in place, it was much simpler to ensure the car had the ideal suspension configuration for racing. In effect, this enabled a more concentrated effort towards achieving the required outcome.

This pickup chassis features a double-wishbone front suspension along with a coil-sprung solid rear axle and bigger brakes for all four corners. Extra custom parts were employed to perfectly fit the setup and the engine has remained unchanged as the authentic Mercedes V6. It seeds at 148 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque, though this may vary. Connected to the transmission is now a sophisticated six-speed Quaife sequential gearbox, thus entitling this vehicle to seriously fly when stepping onto the race path.

No news is forthcoming as to which event Cooper has in his sights, though the Bathhurst 12 Hours of Lemons is looming close in February. He seems to have remarked that sending the car to America to contest a major event is a distinct possibility. We’ll stay tuned for updates and anticipate what will be a truly exceptional journey!

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