Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni Shows Off Toyota GT86 Drift Vehicle

2JZ-Powered 1000HP Drift Car

Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni, a renowned drifting virtuoso, showcased his newest drift chariot at the Essen Motor Show. He humbly revealed the vehicle which he hopes will take him to successive championship honours in the years ahead.

Built upon the framework of a Toyota GT86, which precedes the GR86, the competition-spec automobile has been put together by British drift car experts Quinns M-Sport and MotorsportFifty6. Featuring a specially modified 2JZ engine amassing more than 1000 bhp, it is furnished with a titanium air intake and a carbon fibre air filter.

The ultimate mechanical operations necessary in the build-up were the fitting and welding of the exhaust system, which was completed a week prior to its grand introduction to the public at the Essen event.

The car has a brand-new black, grey, and yellow color-scheme adorned with a variety of sponsors all over the body. Hiding beneath the two-piece BBS LM rims are Wilwood brakes that feature six-piston and four-piston setups at the front and back, respectively.


Before unveiling, Biagioni proclaimed the 86 to be the most remarkable drift automobile he has ever encountered. Beneath the lustrous exterior decorations lies a frame of carbon-Kevlar composite, which builds up the sports car to be both steady and lightweight at the same time.

The interior is bare-bones, equipped with ONLY the essential items. A Sparco racing seat is situated ahead of the dashboard and a Motec touchpad incredibly compacting all the necessary vehicle controls. Before the driver lies a three-spoke steering wheel complete with digital display.

It appears to be a competent set-up, and we anticipate viewing it operating throughout the ensuing year, especially with Biagioni in charge. The 36-year-old understands how to get his vehicle skidding, to say the least, winning the British Drift Championship back in 2009.

Numerous clips on Biagioni’s page record the construction, and are really meriting a seeing.

The amazing skills of a pro drifter from the United Kingdom have resulted in a number of fantastic cars, one of which is the Nissan Navara pickup truck, fitted with a monster Nissan GT-R engine. This beast produces an unprecedented 1,000 horsepower thanks to its increased 4.1 liter displacement and many other remarkable transformations.

We were delighted that Baggsy decided to go with a 2JZ engine. Although it’s not stock, since it shares the same lineage with the Toyota range, it still enhances the spirit of the 86. On the other hand, when people choose to take imaginative risks with their Toyota coupés, the outputs can be truly exceptional.


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