Subaru BRZ Improvement on the Way!

Don’t Drive Stick and Risk Safety?

For the first time since its inception in 2008, EyeSight will be integrated into Subaru vehicles that are equipped with manual transmissions. The automotive company from Japan has publicly declared this update, commencing with the manual version of the Subaru BRZ.

If you’re obtaining a BRZ with EyeSight in the USA, it’s obligatory to acquire the $1,500 automatic transmission option.

Subaru has announced that the updated version of EyeSight is specially designed for manual transmission vehicles. The stereoscopic cameras — positioned on the upper part of the windshield — allow adaptive cruise control and vehicle-following features to be used in combination with a manual transmission; an operation that would usually be difficult to achieve.

Nevertheless, Subaru opted not to enlighten how the design of EyeSight was conglomerated for cars with manual gearboxes. It is worth mentioning that the brand-new Honda Civic Type R has been affixed with an adaptive cruise control together with a six-speed manual transmission as well.

In the Civic with the red badge, the adaptive cruise control will disengage whenever the vehicle has to shift gears – whether when you speed up or slow down, or when the car in front of you do one of the same. Additionally, the system will disable itself when the clutch and, indeed, brake pedal is operated.

Apart from Adaptive Cruise Control, the hailed EyeSight selection of safety functions uses pre-collision brake and veers away/stance alert tools. It also has a weariness indicator which ensures the motorist stays alert on long trips.

Since its introduction in 2008, 5.5 million Subarus have been kitted out with the EyeSight feature. This has been vital in earning Subaru vehicles the most coveted awards from safety regulatory organizations globally. MT Subarus are expected to further expand that number with the inclusion of EyeSight technology.

As specified, the updated Subaru BRZ will carry an adaptation of EyeSight for MT technology, which is estimated to debut in Japan by autumn 2023. The carmaker has not declared when this feature will be available in America yet, however it looks very likely that it will.

In the USA, only two vehicles from the whole variety are supplied with a manual transmission, making them one of the few models keeping the manual alive and well. These automobiles are the Subaru BRZ and WRX.

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