Subaru Solterra: Square Wheels Reinvented

Improved Range & Expanded Driver Assist

Subaru has exposed a modified Solterra EV at the Japan Mobility Exhibition for 2021, the major changes being the square-shaped wheel and a couple of additions to superior motorist assist technologies (ADAS). Additionally, the firm alleges that increasing the efficiency of on-board equipment has augmented its driving range.

In light of customer feedback, the Japanese automobile brand implemented changes. Among other insights, they had to tackle a particular grievance concerning their aged, bulky circular steering wheel hindering the view of digital display instruments. As a consequence, it will now be replaced with a much more practical, four-sided variant – allowing for gatherings and behind glances that were previously prohibited.

It’s not quite a revolutionary step forward of the same magnitude as Tesla, but we’ve had our fill of people attempting to innovate something that works great already.

The company has greatly improved the safety features of their new EV crossover with an enhanced version of its EyeSight advanced driver assistance system. This advanced system now includes Advanced Drive Congestion Assistance, lane change assistance, as well as a collision avoidance role in their dispute front cross-traffic alert. Additionally, its rear end is complemented with a flashing light feature which will be turned on when a second car is about to make impact when stopping abruptly.

Subaru has ramped up the charging rate of its Electric Vehicle (EV) crossover in extreme cold weather conditions. It is now fitted with an enhanced warm-up function, which reportedly accelerates the charge time by as much as 30% when employing a 90kW charger at around 14°F.

Finally, alterations made to the air-conditioning system have allowed the driving range of the model to be expanded up to a WLTP rating of 352 miles. Moreover, its eco mode has been upgraded with an automated activation function. To put this in context, the current US-spec version enjoys a EPA-assessed range of 228 miles.

Grand totals remain the same for the different models, with 201 ponies powering front-wheel single motor models and 215 horses activating all-wheel dual motor versions.

No news has been received in regard to when these enhancements will be available in the United States, if ever; though we anticipate that they should arrive for the 2024 model year.

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