Surprising Smaller Versions: Rivian’s R3 and R3X Crossovers Take the Stage

What is the price tag?

At the R2 launch event, Rivian caused a stir by introducing a second, smaller vehicle known as the R3. The R3 is an electric crossover designed to fit below the R2 in the lineup. It shares the same platform as the R2 but has been reduced in size and will have a more affordable price. Although no official pricing has been released yet, Rivian did confirm that the R3 will be priced at under $45,000, which is lower than the previously announced price for the R2. Customers will have the option of choosing between a single-motor rear-wheel-drive or a dual-motor all-wheel drive configuration.

At the recent event, it was revealed that the R3 will soon release an improved model called the R3X, designed for rallying. This vehicle was showcased on stage as well. Limited information has been provided about the R3X, apart from its three-motor configuration, which is expected to provide a dynamic driving experience in a compact car. The R3X features vintage wheels, tougher off-road tires, and a spoiler reminiscent of the Lancia Delta.

Similar to other vehicles in the Rivian lineup, the R3 will come equipped with a front trunk, also known as a “frunk.” Additionally, it will feature a standard liftgate with a separate rear glass opening. Inside, the cabin boasts a minimalist design, highlighted by a large central touchscreen, digital gauge cluster, and ample storage capacity in the armrest. In terms of storage, the R3 will also offer two gloveboxes, which is a highly sought-after inclusion among owners of the R1T model. A fully panoramic glass roof is available, but it is unclear if it will come with a retractable shade or remain uncovered, resembling Tesla’s design.

There is currently no information available regarding the range of the vehicle, although it is expected to be slightly lower than the R2’s 300-mile rating. Rivian’s images reveal a NACS connector located on the rear passenger fender, which would enable effortless access to Tesla Supercharger stations for the R3.

As promised, Rivian astonished everyone with the R3. Speculations hinted at another model in progress, but no one anticipated its debut alongside the R2. Details about the R3 have been kept under wraps, most likely due to its delayed release date. The R2 is scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2026, pushing back the arrival of the R3 even further. Customers can secure an R2 by placing a refundable deposit of $100; however, this option is not available for the R3.

This piece will be revised in the event of any fresh details about the Rivian R3 coming to light.

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