Suzuki’s Superb Off-Roader at Tokyo Auto Salon

Suzuki Unveils Tiny Off-Road Super Carry Concept

The renowned Tokyo Auto Salon has let Japanese vehicle producers and modifiers display their most eccentric items. Suzuki is exhibiting a diminutive, robust off-road concept known as the Super Carry Mountain Trail at this event, and we are already captivated by it.

In Suzuki’s statement, the Mountain Trail concept is referred to as “A car for active adults to enjoy the mountains in a stoic manner, it expresses a new worldview of commercial vehicles that can be employed not only for work but also for pleasure.” The company is suggesting that this vehicle is more than just a means of transportation; it is a way for people to experience the outdoors in a way that is both invigorating and calming.

The Super Carry, a variation of the conventional Suzuki Carry, is a type of extended cab. Though the company has yet to reveal all of the features this model offers, simply viewing it reveals several modifications.

The diminutive pickup is boasting a bumper featuring a skid plate plus shackles for towing, coupled with a light bar running across its top. Discernible too are tube doors and sporty seating with straps, along with an external roll cage housing a baggage shelf on the roof. The rear is barely visible, however it’s clear that a fuel container and a substitute tire are present. Plus, the vehicle appears to be heightened than its standard form.

Despite the lack of drivetrain adjustment in the concept, purchasers are able to attain plenty of components with the Super Carry that can peak its off-road capability. Enabled with a part-time 4WD system equipped with low and high speeds as well as a locking differential in occasions of extreme slipperiness; this vehicle is ready for anything.

The standard Super Carry isn’t particularly potent. It has a non-turbocharged 658-cc 3-cylinder engine producing 50 horsepower and 44 lb-ft of torque. Thus, despite being able to traverse off-roads, anticipate sluggish speeds.

This year, the legendary Tokyo Auto Salon will be commencing from 12th to 14th of January. We are really looking forward to having a good view of the Super Carry Mountain Trail concept and its mysterious cargo in the back wagon.


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