Kimara EVO37 Chassis 002 Finds New Home

Gorgeous Paula: We Wanted More!

The Kimera Evo37 is a true showstopper, and one lucky customer in Spain has just taken delivery of his very own bespoke model christened “Paula” with chassis number 002 out of 037. Unveiled to its proud owner in Madrid, Spain, the car was especially crafted for Teo Martin – the creator and founder of the Motor Sport Institute (MSI) – who has been a staunch supporter of the project since the beginning.

The institute has been highly productive in aiding young, sharp intellects from the University of Madrid to choose a course into the motor racing sphere. Teo Martin, who was a rally driver back in the 80s and drove a Lancia 037 rally car, was one of the first five individuals to obtain one of those Kimeras when it was just an illustration and a vision.

The car is aptly named “Paula” in honor of Martin’s granddaughter, and its design is inspired by the original Evo37 prototype. It is painted in Kimera Red, with carbon fiber details and accents of anthracite, red Alcantara, and CNC-milled aluminum. As with all cars from this manufacturer, this one was custom-made with the assistance of virtual reality, allowing the owner to design it from the ground up.

Drawing upon its inspirational predecessor, this car includes an imposing turbocharged and supercharged 2.1-liter four-cylinder motor that supplies 500 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. It disperses that energy to the rear wheels in a controllable manner via a six-speed manual transmission. Possessing a comparatively lightweight of only 2,315 lbs, it is nowhere near the strongest ride out there; however, we dare speculate that it can give even a Lamborghini Huracan Evo a good contest.

As this model is bestowed with chassis number 002 after numerous prior releases, the company is emphatically stating that this is a truly exceptional auto.

Luca Betti, Founder & CEO of Kimera, had nothing but praise for the project, noting the issues that have arisen due to supply constraints but also expressing his belief that “Made in Italy” still carries the same significance as it always has.

“In a recent press release, Kimera’s CEO shared his enthusiasm for their upcoming debut in Madrid. More importantly, he also had this little interesting tidbit to add: ‘After the debut in Madrid, Kimera will prepare for a new important step: news will be unveiled soon and it will surely bring joy to many enthusiasts.'”

No solid evidence to go off of, yet that’s what sparks the imagination. Could Lancias be concocting an even more powerful version of their Evo37? It’s plausible that they’re looking into a revamp of some kind. If Lancias were to take on a similar project with the Stratos, that’d make us quite pleased, though naturally it may come back as an electric car.

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