Reviving Lancia Group B Rally Prototype in Bold New Twist with Kimera Restomod Formula

EVO37 Unleashed: Upgraded AWD, Bold Design, and Increased Power

Italian company Kimera Automobili, renowned for their expert restomods, has recently released photos of their latest project to be unveiled this month: the EVO38. A contemporary interpretation of the legendary Lancia 037, their previous masterpiece, the Kimera EVO37, received widespread acclaim.

The importance of this moniker goes beyond its mere numerical sequence after EVO37. It serves as a nod to the internal codename for Lancia’s AWD Group B rally vehicle, which was in competition with Audi Quattro. Initially known as SE038, it later evolved into the renowned Lancia Delta S4. However, during its early stages of development, the prototypes were essentially AWD versions of the Lancia Rallye (037), a model designed for both road and rally purposes that is markedly different from modern rally-inspired cars like the Toyota GR Corolla.

What could the Kimera EVO38 potentially be? Our prediction is that it will serve as a step up from the EVO37, boasting modernized design and, significantly, all-wheel drive. Yet, its improvements extend beyond the alteration of its drivetrain…

Although the SE038 has transformed into the Delta S4, Kimera’s teaser makes a point to mention a “Group B [racer] that was highly desired but never materialized,” while also alluding to a prototype known as “Mazinga.”

The third SE038 prototype, known as Mazinga, was named after a popular Japanese super robot manga from that time period due to its bold design. According to Kimera, it was “an initial attempt at evolution, aimed at transforming the flawless and well-balanced winning car into one with all-wheel drive.” However, this does not imply that Kimera will be producing a crude and incomplete rally masterpiece. Quite the opposite.

The restomodder guarantees that the EVO38 will maintain “shapes that are vastly different from the rough prototype, yet will embody the same philosophy and essence of the iconic team that brought Italian technical mastery to the global stage.”

In regards to the technical aspects, we possess a handful. The foremost portion will showcase an altered structure to accommodate the physical configuration of propelled front axles, paired with updated aerodynamics to offset this modification. These alterations encompass a modernized front S-duct for the purpose of cooling. Additionally, it will possess fresh side air intake ducts and a larger turbo compared to the EVO37’s. According to Kimera, these adjustments are expected to improve cooling and amplify power output.

The EVO37 does not lack in the power department, as it boasts a remarkable 500 horsepower produced by a twincharged (both turbocharged and supercharged) 2.1-liter four-cylinder engine. Its predecessor, the Mazinga, was rumored to reach up to 700 hp during its prototype stage, making that the possible goal for the upcoming EVO38.Check and correct any grammatical errors The EVO37 is certainly not deficient in the area of power, with its twincharged (turbocharged and supercharged) 2.1-liter four-cylinder engine generating an impressive 500 horsepower. In fact, rumors suggest that its predecessor, the Mazinga, could have potentially reached up to 700 hp in its prototype stage, indicating a possible target for the forthcoming EVO38.

The emission of the powerful engine will exit from the top, supplying the rear wing, thereby enhancing the fluid dynamics of the upgraded vehicle.

There is not much time left before the highly-anticipated unveiling of the EVO38 on February 22nd. But that’s not all – fans will also have a new project to look forward to, as the K-39 will soon follow.

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