Tesla Debuts Cheaper Model Y.

Electric Crossover Below $50K: Range & Tesla’s 4680 Battery.

Tesla has recently added a new Model Y crossover to the line-up of choices on its US website. Apart from the Model Y Long Range and Model Y Performance, the carmaker has now included a version simply called “Model Y”.

It is in line with the Model 3, which boasts a simplified variation available at the introductory level. Still, in contrast to the Model 3, the least expensive Model Y is still supplied with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive power train.

Tesla’s new Model Y is essentially their “Standard Range” version. According to the electric car manufacturer, the Model Y has an EPA-estimated driving range of 279 miles, which is less than the Long Range model’s 330 miles and the Performance version’s 303.

The Model Y, presenting the most affordable introductory price to date, is accessible at $49,990 with either a classic white painting and a black artificial leather interior. Despite being slightly shy of theUS federal EV tax credit’s upper limit, we are yet to discover if right components like its battery cells and its power supply can secure it the total allowance of $7,500.

Tesla had already released a version of the Model Y that was very similar to the current one, and it was reported to be produced at Giga Texas with 4680 battery cells. Despite being available for a while, it was considered to be “off the menu”. Now, it is the first time that it is being offered to all US customers on Tesla’s official website.

When Tesla first announced the Model Y “Standard Range,” it was only available to its employees. Later, the public living near the factory in Austin, Texas, were able to place orders for the vehicle. We’ll have to stay tuned to find out if Tesla will be providing more details about the battery cells and pack of the new Model Y.

With regard to features, Tesla states that its Model Y can reach 0-60mph within 5.0 seconds and has a restrained control top speed of 135 mph. Should anyone buy the most inexpensive Model Y from Tesla’s website at present, they could receive it sometime even this month. The company foresees delivery timeframe being April or May 2023.

Source: Tesla

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