Tesla Employee Camera Access: A Breach of Privacy?

Elon Musk’s Fear of Assassination Revealed

As per a Reuters analysis, staff at Tesla have been utilizing an internal messaging system to exchange videos and pictures taken from cameras installed in user cars between 2019 and 2022. The recordings uncovered comprised of accidents, flare-ups of road rage, as well as other awkward scenes.

Additionally, several staff reportedly had access to locational data associated with recordings stored by the company. This could have exposed Tesla owners to having their residence revealed to particular personnel. Despite the fact that Tesla has attested that their clients’ privacy is paramount, this news report profoundly implies otherwise. Allegedly, footage from cars was shared between workers in pairs and even groups limiting further to the formation of memes.

A cybersecurity and privacy expert has deemed the sharing of sensitive videos and images by Tesla employees as “morally reprehensible.” In 2021, one Tesla worker reported that a crash video depicting a Tesla driving at a high rate of speed hitting a child riding a bike spread “like wildfire” in the San Mateo, California office.

“We had the ability to peek into people’s garages and private properties,” noted a former employee. “For example, if a Tesla customer had something unusual in their garage, people would post about it.” Despite this potential for privacy invasion, the ex-employee said it was “less spectacular but more insidious”.

“I’m really bothered by it,” said one person. “The people who buy the car probably don’t know that their privacy is not respected. We can see them doing laundry and other personal activities, as well as their kids.”

A new report has unveiled that there are multiple videos of a person being forced into a vehicle in what appears to be against their own will, as well as a naked man approaching his automobile in a garage.

Those that have been, and potentially still are, involved in the dissemination of information are the data classifiers. Their main purpose is to enable machines to acquire and perfect automated operations, including driving and parking. Since 2016, Tesla has taken on a substantial number of employees whose job it is to observe video footage and recognize pedestrians, street markers, building machinery, as well as numerous other elements vehicles face on highways, in car parks, or in garages.

Tesla is gradually becoming increasingly automated in its operations and the San Mateo, CA data-recognition office was closed off last year. Yet, they have another centre located in Buffalo, NY and they declared in February that their personnel had grown by 54% in the past half-year, increasing to 675 experts. This appears to coincide with Tesla transitioning from relying on ultrasonic sensors to utilizing Tesla Vision Cameras on the Model 3 and Model Y.

Elon Musk is of course featured in the report. Two employees recall an incident a few years ago, when one of them stumbled upon and shared a picture of a white Lotus Esprit submarine inside a garage. This vehicle was famously featured in the classic James Bond movie, “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Since 2013, it has been owned by Musk, who paid a whopping $968,000 at an auction to acquire this iconic piece of movie memorabilia.

Elon Musk and the company Tesla have not responded to demands for statements or questions. This isn’t unexpected, as back then Musk eliminated Tesla’s PR office. Consequently, without a press department, nobody can help quell the controversy; still, we should point out that when contacted, past employees declared the only data that was shared had valid work objectives, like assistance from superiors or other workers . Nevertheless, the study additionally mentions supervisors looking at and dispersing the footage.

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