Tesla Launches Grey Paint Options for S and X

Can it Boost Sales?

Tesla is endeavouring to add appeal to their primary duo, comprised of the Model S and Model X, with an all-new paint shade to increase waning sales.

It’s noteworthy to remember that for the previous three months, global shipments of Tesla’s Model S and Model X diminished 14 percent from last year, totaling 15,985. Moreover, the Period in Year 2023 accounts for a total of 45,905 vehicles sold, a seven percent reduction in comparison to the same time frame from last year. Historically, Tesla has managed to prize an average of 100,000 units per annum.

A potential way of making the duo of Model S/Model X more appealing could be by introducing fresh paint tones. Last month, Tesla revealed a bright Ultra Red hue and set an upcharge of $3K for this color.

In September, it was reported that all optional paint colours were available at no charge, and substantial cutbacks were made to the price tags, between $13,500 – $18,500; which even enabled one of the Model X variety of choices to be eligible for a federal tax credit. Although there had been a slight upturn in cost for the Model X Plaid earlier this month, by-and-large, the offer is far improved in comparison to prior months.

Tesla has just rolled out a new Stealth Grey hue to switch from the Midnight Gray for both Model S and X cars in North America and Asia. Interestingly, Europe has seemingly been ignored, even though all vehicles are originating from the same assembly facility.

The other coating choices encompass Pearl White Multi-Coat, Pitch Black, Deep Azure Metallic, and Vibrant Red.

Seemingly one of the most visually appealing, the Stealth Grey hue has recently launched on the Tesla Model 3 Highland variation from Giga Shanghai. Although this is purely subjective, its appearance can be complexly mesmerizing.

Presently, there are numerous video showings of the Stealth Grey Tesla Model 3 (for instance, most recently, see the one given below), yet we have to remain patient until we can learn if it will be identical for the Model S/Model X or if it is likely to be somewhat distinct by the same name.

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