Tesla Launches Major Upgrade for Full Self-Driving, Proving Significant Advancements

New system update includes major enhancements.

Tesla’s most recent release of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) software is now being received by customers. This update, labeled v. 12.1.2, offers numerous enhancements and was initially released to Tesla employees in the previous year. During this initial rollout, the company had announced that this latest version would incorporate neural networks instead of traditional programming methods, enabling the vehicle to make decisions similar to those of a human driver.

Based on the most recent release notes, this statement holds true.

The latest version of FSD Beta, v12, implements a significant enhancement to the driving stack used on city streets. This update involves the replacement of over 300,000 lines of explicit C++ code with a single end-to-end neural network that has been trained on millions of video clips.

Many Tesla drivers who have already tried 12.1.2 have responded favorably to the system, acknowledging its substantial enhancements to the self-driving software.

According to @WholeMarsBlog’s post on X, their experience with FSD 12 resulted in two successful drives with zero intervention required. They were able to navigate without ever having to touch the accelerator and avoided any uncomfortable moments.

The initial test of Full Self-Driving (Beta) V12.1.2 on a privately-owned vehicle was successful, with no need for manual interventions or takeovers. It was a seamless experience, in line with reports from other Tesla staff since the beginning of this month! https://t.co/QYLXvUPwSa

With that being said, an early leaked video of the most recent FSD update indicates that there is still room for enhancement. The footage, which has since been deleted, showcases the electric car operating smoothly, but encountering difficulties in decelerating for speed bumps and displaying hesitation when exiting intersections. Nonetheless, it should be noted that this was during the initial phase of FSD V12.1.2, which was accessible solely to employees, thus it is highly likely that these issues have been resolved.

According to Teslarati, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has stated that the Full Self-Driving system will no longer have the “Beta” label attached to it. This indicates that Tesla has successfully eliminated all known issues and glitches. However, the “Beta” label can still be observed on the in-vehicle touchscreen when the update is displayed, implying that further enhancements will be released before Tesla deems it flawless.

The maker has not disclosed the cars on which this upgrade is accessible, however, we anticipate that it will be implemented across all models, including the base level Model 3 and the Model X, as long as they are equipped with FSD.

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According to Tesla Autopilot engineer Dhaval Shroff, a Tesla equipped with FSD v12 will “never get into a collision if you turn this thing on, even in unstructured environments.” This is a bold statement, but it is unlikely that Tesla employees would make such extravagant claims without solid evidence. Shroff went on to compare the latest version of FSD to ChatGPT, stating that it is essentially “ChatGPT for cars.”

Mercedes-Benz has been granted the authorization to utilize its Level 3 autonomous driving technology on both Californian and American roads. However, despite its name “Full Self-Driving,” it is important to note that the system is classified as Level 2 and still necessitates the presence of an attentive driver.

Is the prospect of fully autonomous Teslas becoming a reality? It appears to be heading in that direction, but don’t count on your Model S chauffeuring you to and from work just yet.

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