Tesla Rolls Out FSD Update to 15K+ Cars

Tesla Cars Now Think!

The official Teslascope Twitter account has verified that a new edition of the Tesla FSD Beta, V12.1, has been deployed to more than 15,000 vehicles. Initially, this installment is restricted to privately-operated Teslas owned by the company’s personnel only.

It is expected that V12.1 will signify an outstanding enhancement over preceding variants of the much-discussed Level 2 autonomous driving capability. The finest modification appears to be a relocation to a neural network-based operating system for negotiating city roads. In common vernacular, the new technique will carry out jobs like the human mind. Considering the strong performance from a previous edition, the introduction of V12.1 will unquestionably bring delight.

As per recent reports, V12.1 of the software suite is expected to become widely available during the mid-January timeframe for those who possess a Tesla Model S, Y, X, 3, or the latest Cybertruck. Thus, owners of the popular electric vehicles have something exciting to anticipate.

Verification has been made that Full-Self Driving (Beta) V12.1 has now been extended out to Wave1, encompassing a total of 15,000+ Tesla-owned, privately owned automobiles. It is in motion!

Concerning the Neural Network-backed process, V12.1 will facilitate Autosteer within cities on a newly up-to-date variant which has been trained by plentiful video recordings. According to Teslarati, this gets rid of the requirement for 300,000-plus lines of code written by people. To put it differently, as opposed to codifying instructions, Autosteer will now be based on what numerous videos instructed it to do.

Back in the early part of the year, we reported that V12.1 was likely to drop the “Beta” suffix. However, Teslascope still used the suffix in their tweet. It remains to be seen if Tesla will opt to scrap the suffix, and if the disclaimer on the website will be altered. We’ll have to wait and see.

It will be intriguing to observe if Tesla raises the cost of Full Self-Driving in the upcoming year. At present, it is available for $12,000, and the warning still declares that FSD’s capabilities “require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous.” It will be interesting to see how Tesla adjusts the price and whether they make any modifications to the disclaimer.

The arrival of new updates will be quite the relief for Tesla. Upon the ruling from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the Autopilot feature was not doing enough to deter driver misuse, two million cars had to be brought back in a recall. There have been problems with Tesla and the NHTSA since 2021, but the agency has recently stepped up its efforts even further. Furthermore, the NHTSA desires to see increased sales of the Cybertruck model before it begins its safety assessments – yet we believe Tesla has adequately confirmed the security of the electric truck through their demonstration at the launch and the subsequent weeks.

It is believed that with this most recent group of modifications, Tesla will draw nearer to its leader’s promise of absolutely independent vehicles; however, there is still a great distance to traverse.

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