Tesla Model 3 Crash: 2 Cameras Capture Wild Wreck

TeslaCam Captures Fateful Van Crash, Model 3 Saved.

Whilst journeying down the same roadway, two Tesla Model 3 owners experienced a peculiar encounter with a van that left one driver’s vehicle seriously wrecked. The other Model 3 chauffeur was extremely fortunate, averting becoming a casualty.

Darius and Hunter, the possessors of Model 3s, were en route to their respective jobs, Darius in his black Tesla while Hunter drove a vibrant red one. As they ascended a hill, they witnessed a white work van cutting off its path abruptly, having unexpectedly come to a halt in the center of the highway.

Hunter, who is driving the vehicle that looks like an orange Model 3 early in the video, swerved to the left to evade colliding with the van, though the car did still approach it peripherally. Fortunately, he was able to quickly regain control, before endangering any other vehicles on the incoming lanes.

Meanwhile, Darius, behind the wheel of the ebony Model 3, veered off to the right of the van, narrowly avoiding a disaster. By coincidence, a park ranger that was traversing in the section arrived at the spectacle. The police soon got word and appeared on the scene, eventually determining the driver of the van to be responsible for their reckless maneuver.

Fortunately, neither of the occupants of the Model 3 had any incidents or injuries. Hunter contacted the automaker whose van was engaged in the episode to ascertain that the remediation costs were taken care of. As of writing this piece, he still awaits for an estimate of the repair efforts.

The wreckage of the red-colored Model 3 was extraordinarily serious, suggesting that its prospect of being declared a total loss could be high. Although there is no certainty, we have previously witnessed clips of Tesla automobiles in noticeably better shape, many of them still regarded as an entire loss by insurance corporations.

Be certain to take a gander at the video in its entirety, which contains a further nineteen videos submitted by Tesla owners. These clips span from mere crash tapes to escapades of near misses, hit and runs, accompanied by a wealth of Sentry Mode visualisations.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to view the film, drop down and leave us a short comment with your findings.

Source: Wham Baam Teslacam (YouTube)

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