Tesla Model 3 Performance Upgraded: Better Seats At Last

Tesla Model 3 Performance Gets Sportier Seats

A Tesla hacker has asserted they have attained an in-depth knowledge on the forthcoming Model 3 Performance variant rumored to be making its way in the incoming months, comprising particulars regarding new, sportier chairs.

Shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), @greentheonly believes the Performance derivative of the Tesla Model 3 will feature a different seat design than the lesser RWD and Dual Motor AWD variants. According to the user, the car will be compatible with two seat designs, “Base” and “Sport”. The latter is said to be used in the Performance and will come with more pronounced side bolsters, a sportier design, and different headrests.

Additionally, the uprated Model 3 will feature a brand-new back seat, with the person in the middle position anecdotally reaping the advantages of having a headrest. The Performance trim could really use more comfy and encouraging seats, given its 0-60 performance of just 3.1 seconds coupled with somewhat enjoyable driving dynamics; it’s definitely warranted. We are quite pleased Tesla is taking on this issue.

Delving deeper, more curious finds include the new Model3 which will come in two distinct varieties – the Base and Sport options. The Sport model differentiates itself with uniquely bolstered side support on its front seats as well as a headrest for its backseat middle seat. A photo of this can be seen on Twitter via @StRZGqdeNw.

When the entirely altered Model 3 was revealed in early September, Tesla did not give any thought to the Performance edition. The elite variation is almost positive, with information that has been let out recommending the refurbished version will arrive with a new electric engine and seemingly added power. However, even absent of this extra boost, the novel model is close to 140 lbs lighter than the expiring Model 3, which should beneficially affect speedup and maneuvering.

According to @klwtts over on X, speculation is high that the Model 3 Performance might be available with a so-called Ludicrous mode – as indicated by its exclusive logo, which appears on the car’s tailgate. Nevertheless, there’s been no official confirmation as of yet, hence we will have to stay tuned. One thing is certain about Tesla cars: they are typically unveiled out of the blue, as the company chooses not to rely upon traditional PR campaign strategies.

On closer inspection, it appears this is a Ludicrous Speed marked Model 3 instead of Plaid. Though it will still be a major improvement, most likely employing a dual motor system rather than three motors. #LudicrousSpeed https://t.co/3FDwFqfiuu pic.twitter.com/68xzstdDAL

Model S and X are now boasting RGB Ambient/Interior Illumination. Also, the legend is true – X-ray goggles exist!

Pictures from a catalogue of components illustrate numerous kinds of rims, with certain sporty designs and performance brakes. It has been reported that the Model 3 is going to possess a new-style manual entrance unlock device. Tesla has also moved the emergency gear selector in the revised Model 3.

Recently, @greentheonly has been uncovering some interesting facts about Tesla vehicles. Just this year, the white hat hacker found the “God Mode” for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta, which is humorously referred to as Elon Mode. This grants a select group of people unrestricted access to the system, suggesting that Tesla is working on Level 3 self-driving technology. Interestingly enough, Mercedes-Benz beat Tesla to the punch in this field.

We anxiously await gaining additional information about the Model 3 Performance before its debuts. With any luck, Tesla will surpass our prognostications and present driving betterments. Who can tell? We may view the initial truly electrifying diminutive performance motorcar.

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