Tesla Model X Gets Model S Headlight Upgrade

Updated Lights Headed to Global Markets

Tesla recently upgraded the headlamps of the Model X, seemingly installing the same illumination technology from last year’s Model S update.

The report of the shift sprung from Nic Cruz Patane, a Twitter user, when they shared photographs of the reworked headlights over the social media system. It was indicated that the version of Tesla Model X showed in the snapshots had been sent out to Toronto, Canada, revealing that the changes have already been made available in the Fremont, California plant owned by Tesla.

An internal note obtained by Drive Tesla Canada has revealed that Tesla is planning to roll out their new “global headlamps” in all global markets. This new equipment, which is part of the automaker’s strategy to have “one lamp for all markets”, will be seen on the updated Model X headlights.

The confidential report, on the other hand, failed to reveal any specific details though it did state that the renovated headlights are able to produce varying illuminations depending on the needs of the state in which the vehicle is set to be distributed.

The owner of the photo referred to the updated lights as “matrix LEDs,” but these are actually just adaptive LED headlights. Matrix LEDs typically have several bulbs that can switch off certain ones when needed, such as when an oncoming vehicle is detected. The new lights, however, appear to contain only two bulbs (high and low beams) without this capability. The automaker has not revealed the specifics of the headlight technology, nor have they mentioned any other upgrades apart from the lighting.

The transformation of the headlights not be groundbreaking, yet, it is noteworthy that Tesla have had a rather reserved approach to updating their vehicles. The most recent remarkable renovation to the Model X was in 2021 when it procured the Plaid variant that propelled the power yield from 778 horsepower to an astounding 1,020 hp.

Apart from the Model X, it appears that the Model 3 – Tesla’s most affordable offering – will also receive an update. Referred to internally as “Highland,” the changes won’t just be limited to the headlights. An insider has recently revealed that the updates will include both exterior and interior elements, as well as performance and technology. In fact, the facelifted Model 3 has already been seen on the road with updated taillights.

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