Tesla’s Newest Addition: Satin Abyss Blue Vinyl Wrap for Model Y and Model 3 Models

Exciting new Tesla paint options to revitalize your car’s style.

Tesla has recently unveiled a fresh addition to its Paint Protection Film (PPF) wraps, expanding the range of options available for customizing their Model 3 and Model Y electric cars.

The fresh hue, Satin Depths Blue, is quite alluring and is sure to entice customers who are tired of the same five basic colors available for these specific models. Currently accessible on the Tesla Marketplace, this $6,000 wrap adds on to the existing seven finishes that were introduced in 2023. It presents a sophisticated shade and provides customers with a luxurious dark blue option in contrast to the more athletic Deep Blue Metallic coating($1,000).

This particular selection is on the pricier end, with a price tag equivalent to that of Glacier Blue, Forest Green, Satin Rose Gold, and Crimson Red. In order to obtain something slightly more budget-friendly, Slip Gray, Satin Stealth Black, and Satin Ceramic White are available at an expense of $5,700 each.

It appears that Tesla has recently lowered the prices for its vinyl wraps. In our earlier coverage in October, the wraps were listed at a range of $7,500 to $8,000. It seems that Tesla may have noticed the hefty price tag and made some adjustments accordingly.

Despite the cost, it is refreshing to witness Tesla expanding its selection of choices for customers. The business has faced repeated backlash for its restricted range of colors, only offering five shades at present. If you’re contemplating investing in a bold PPF wrap, there are important factors that must be considered.

Tesla has announced that this feature will only be accessible for cars produced in 2023 or later, meaning if you have an older model, you will not be able to access it. There is some speculation as to whether this also includes the recently released Model 3 facelift, which has just arrived in the United States.

The reason for the steep cost? According to Tesla, their PPF (paint protection film) is more ecologically sound compared to “conventional vinyl wraps” and boasts a thickness that is double the norm. Made from urethane, the film has self-healing properties and is designed to safeguard against scratches. This means that customers not only get a fresh appearance for their Teslas, but also ensure the preservation of their paint job. It’s important to mention that the price of the PPF includes installation and customers will also have access to a courtesy car.

Despite the initial air of optimism, our initial encounter with a Tesla equipped with a PPF wrap raised concerns. While visiting a showroom in California, we stumbled upon a demonstration vehicle that exhibited numerous flaws. Upon closer inspection, we noticed noticeable bubbling and creases on the exterior: hardly reassuring for those investing large amounts of money.

The US market has been limited to the same colors for quite some time, while other markets have had the option to choose from Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red paint. Fortunately, there is hope that these colors will eventually be available in the United States.

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