The Sole V12 Japanese Car in Existence: Own it Now in the USA

Quirky Features Await in This Luxe Limo.

The 1997 Toyota Century, a notable V12-powered front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicle from Japan, has arrived in the United States and is currently available for purchase. With a registered title in Massachusetts, this opulent sedan with a right-hand drive provides a unique insight into the luxurious lifestyle of top executives, government leaders, and even the esteemed Japanese Royal family, who have long been known to possess the esteemed Century series. And all of this at an affordable cost.

This specific vehicle boasts an odometer displaying roughly 218,700 kilometers, equivalent to approximately 135,900 miles. This serves as a testament to its exceptional upkeep, emphasized by the dealer selling it who stresses that the car remains unaltered, preserving its authenticity. The instrument cluster is in metric units and the factory additions consist of 16-inch wheels, a soft-close trunk, leather seats, a digital dashboard, heated front and back seats, a front passenger’s seatback pass-through, luxurious massaging and reclining rear seats, automatic climate control, a power-operated rear curtain, and controls for the rear air conditioning and radio.

Beneath its exterior, the 1997 Toyota Century is powered by a sturdy 5.0-liter V12 engine which produces an impressive 276 horsepower and 340 pound-feet of torque. This force is efficiently transmitted to the rear wheels through a smooth four-speed automatic transmission. To ensure the vehicle is in top condition for sale, the dealer has completed essential maintenance duties such as an oil and filter change, replacing the valve cover gaskets and rear control arms.

Despite its vintage charm, the Century still has a number of well-known flaws. These include minor exterior blemishes like chips, scuffs, and cracks on the front bumper. In addition, there is noticeable peeling and bubbling on the side mirrors, scratches and cracks on the wheels, and creases and tears on the leather seats. However, considering its reasonable price tag of $8,250 and with only 24 hours remaining in the auction on Car and Bids, it is still in excellent overall condition.

In 1997, the VG50 version was introduced as a symbol of unmatched opulence. However, this model was later replaced by the VG60 Century in 2018, which was powered by a V8 engine and put an end to Japan’s sole production of a twelve-cylinder engine.

Source: Cars and Bids

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