Tire Launches Car 15 Feet into Air on Freeway

The Blame Game

A Tesla chauffeur captured a remarkable set of incidents that caused the Kia Soul to nearly get dispatched into space. The footage of the incident can be found below and before you watch it, just know that everyone managed to leave without experiencing any major harm.

Anoop Khatra captured the episode which directed to a threesome of cars; an unwarranted pickup truck, and another Soul- which he had already expressed – as well as a Tesla that was practically entwined.

In a nutshell, an elderly Chevy Silverado lost it’s front left wheel, subsequently causing it to drives straight into the fore of the Soul. The tyre whizzed beneath the Soul and propelled it 15 feet in the air. It then plummeted, struck hard on its rooftop, proceeded with a half-roll and finished firmly on its four wheels.

I observed and documented the craziest motor vehicle accident yesterday; remarkably, you can see Tesla’s Autopilot navigate a course around the rogue tire to avoid impact. $TSLA pic.twitter.com/csMh2nbRNX

Tesla’s groundbreaking automated supportive technology does an impressive job of circumventing the vengeful wheel, which returns and smashes into the back end of the Kia Soul a final time before halting.

The Tesla’s weight stirred up controversy in regards to how, or if, it would have fared in this incident. However, this overlooks the real trouble: the pick-up truck’s wheels. We cannot be certain, but it ain’t unlikely that this heavy-duty vehicle was fitted with reinforced spindles, potentially even widening its tread. Nevertheless, the exact cause of the crash is not yet known and speculation is conjecture.

Space spacers build a larger gap between the wheel and hub, which can prove commendable. For some, this additional space offers a pleasing look; extending the track width and providing the ability to attach wheel and aftermarket tires that were originally unable to fit under regular wheel wells.

Adversely, altering the vehicle’s classical configuration can be challenging; however, if the assembler is experienced they will know precisely how to solve it. Each year, countless pickups are seen at SEMA fitted with ridiculous offsets.

Spacers, however, tend to cause undue strain on numerous factory-installed components that were never built to function under the shifting conditions caused by affixing spacers to the hub. These added pressures can result in accelerated wear and tear of hubs, bearings, and axles. In order to reduce this risk, it is recommended that a closer eye be kept for developing signs of damage or deterioration.

If we had to conjecture, the wear and tear probably caused the wheel to become detached from the car at the most unbefitting moment – while speeding down the motorway.

The regulations in relation to fenders differ from one state to another, but the standard rule is that a tire must be shielded with a fender. Even though there are several exemptions, these consist of classic vehicles, street rods, and kit cars. Could fitting a fender have made a difference in the case of the crash? It’s certainly an engaging topic for discussion. Taking into consideration that we can only make conjectures based on the footage, it would be great to hear your opinions in the comments below.

Khatra seized their opportunity to recognize the mystery behind Tesla’s fresh skill in skirting a crash, yet the real hero is the Soul. To go through that while upholding its inner framework was the absolute most essential part of the entire video footage. If you’re searching for an affordable, protected, and comfy crossover, the Soul is the exemplar.

The mentioned Soul is sadly no longer available, yet it got a Top Safety Pick accolade from the IIHS and a five-star rating from the NHTSA. The actual model has those same recognitions once more, thus demonstrating that these designations in terms of safety still have significance.

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