Toyota GR86 Owner’s Wheel Spacer Experience

Toyota GR86 Mod: Pros and Cons?

YouTuber Bros FOURR Speed had considered installing wheel spacers to their Toyota GR86. However, is this really a prudent choice? The famed YouTuber weighed up the pros and cons of these additions before making their decision–following the proper implementation of these could result in advantageous outcomes. Having said that, it is essential to analyze the shortcomings of adding spacers to a sports car prior to jumping in head first.

6 PROS & 6 CONS To Adding Wheel Spacers!

The YouTuber applied 20mm spacers in the front, and 25mm to the back. The process of adding these spacers, along with bolt-ons, was relatively straightforward compared to other modifications of this kind. Installing spacers is a smart way to stylize your car without spending too much money; they’ve been known to enhance the look by allowing the wheels to be more flush with the body.

Incorporating wheel spacers allows you to easily effectuate an upgrade of your sports car’s braking system, since they provide the necessary clearance. This is a far more cost-effective option than purchasing larger rims, affording considerable savings.

Nevertheless, there can be drawbacks to using wheel spacers. It is important to keep in consideration that over-sizing may lead to friction with the tire. For a better result, it would be suitable to affix a spacer to each wheel, since possessing a wider track at the back compared to the front could trigger unwarranted understeer on your car.

On the other hand, fitting spacers to only the front of a car can invite oversteer. Furthermore, you should be certain that the spacer material you settle on is the right one for the job; billet aluminum is considered to be the best option, as wheel hubs may not align properly with cast aluminum.

Despite some potential drawbacks, wheel spacers are overall advantageous when added to sports cars. By installing them, they give the car an enhanced and more remarkable look, in addition to allowing other modifications. The spacers can be left on for everyday driving and provide a great way to make a small alteration without incurring significant costs. Nonetheless, it is vital to guarantee that installation and materials are exact, prior to committing to the upgrade.

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