Tour 1986 Porsche Factory: See Handcrafted Cars

Porsche Factory Tour: A Look Back at 1980s Europe
Porsche Factory Tour May 1986

Porsche, similarly to other large-scale producers, utilizes a great number of robots to fabricate its vehicles. Nonetheless, it wasn’t always done this way. For the bulk of its existence, Porsche handcrafted their machines in the traditional style. Permit this homemade video from an American traveler visiting Germany in 1986 give you a glimpse inside how Porsche fashioned the 911 and the 928 close to 40 years ago.

This video was shared to YouTube in the year 2022 by tasturbo86, an individual who invested in a 911 Turbo right from its release. They opted for the European delivery service, so they journeyed to Germany to meet their car for the first time, with a gratis exploration of Porsche’s premises as part of the package. Now you can join them!

This captivating clip runs just shy of twenty minutes, presenting the up-close and personal nature of production. It illustrates how Porsche constructs their vehicles, from laying down the basis of flat-six and V8 engines to the assembly of the body, assessments on dynamometers, and more. Rather than utilizing predominantly robotic technology, this documentary showcases the company’s commitment to human resources.

This practice extended to the 993-generation 911 by the late 1990s. Although the handmade quality made these vehicles appealing at dealerships, the huge expenses associated with this fabrication technique led to Porsche’s near insolvency in that period. With the transition from the 996-version 911 and cars such as the Boxster and Cayenne, their costs were reduced by introducing more automated methods into production.

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