Toyota 86 Performance Restoration Program Now Active

Models Eligibility: 2012-2016

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced the “86 Refresh Service” – a program to restore the first-generation 86 through five courses. This initiative is only available in Japan for the time being, but it’s great to see that Toyota is still looking out for owners of the earlier model, particularly those produced between 2012 and 2016. The 86 Refresh Service offers five different options, allowing drivers to upgrade their vehicles and keep them running in top condition.

The introductory workshop begins with a engine rejuvenation, the purpose of which is to take out the 2.0-liter normally-aspirated motor from the 86. This has been supplanted by a bigger 2.4-liter engine in the GR86 series, providing far more power. At the same time, ignition pieces are being switched out as well in order to sharpen the throttle answer.

The subsequent module endeavors to supplant elastic mounts for the engine and transmission so as to abate vibration and upgrade gear movements. Named thirdly is the Suspension Rubber Bush Refresh Course, which has been formulated to advance cornering by substituting rubber bushings with novel ones.

Progressing to the fourth phase, the program will substitute dampers to strengthen ride comfort. After that, the fifth and final step is committed to the brakes. This stage will involve switching components of the braking system to not only enhance stopping power but also reduce sound and shuddering.

Here is the tally of fees for each class as part of the 86 Renewal Program:

The first course has a price tag of 121,000 yen, which equates to roughly 872 dollars.

The 2nd delicacy amounts to 99,000 yen (about $714).

•Flexible Meal Plan – 131,686 yen (approx. $949)The third option is valued at 122,100 yen, or roughly $880. Additionally, for the flexible meal plan, you’ll pay 131,686 yen, which is equivalent to around $949.

• Fourth Course – 163,900 yen ($1,182)The fourth option is priced at a staggering 163,900 yen ($1,182). This cost covers an extraordinary meal that will be remembered for a long time.

For a price of 125,400 yen ($904), fifth course can be yours. This cost is indeed significant yet worth it for the quality that you will experience.

At present, this system can be accessed in certain GR Garage sites in Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, and Shizuoka.

Toyota hasn’t detailed any schemes to extend beyond the borders of Japan or if the most modern GR86 could be included in their portfolio at a subsequent point in time. Bearing that in mind, given some of the recent reports of powerplant breakdowns, it certainly would benefit from some overhauling.

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