Toyota GR86 Gets Turbo Upgrade, 2028.

Toyota Only Develops 3rd-Gen Model Alone

A fresh study out of Japan illuminates that Toyota is already hard at work on a revamp of the GR86 sports coupe. According to Mag-X, a popular Japanese magazine, the new model will be solely manufactured by Toyota and won’t have a Subaru-branded counterpart. Nevertheless, Subaru could still potentially aid Toyota in assembling the upcoming GR86 in its facility.

Mag-X has stated that the GR86 will arrive in 2028, and will come equipped with a hybridized three-cylinder turbocharged motor. The aforementioned is in line with earlier speculations from Best Car that had suggested the sports coupe would employ G16E-GTS, as found in the GR Corolla and Yaris models. Nonetheless, the assumptions made by the magazine had indicated an earlier release of 2025.

Recent speculation has it that the third iteration of this model will feature a lesser 1.4-litre variation of the engine plus an added elecric motor.

Mg-X states that the electric motor may potentially be located between the transmission and the engine. There is rumors that Toyota is creating a new chassis because with the existing setup, the three-cylinder engine cannot be used without certain changes to the crash structure. Interestingly enough, Best Car believes the fresh GR86 will draw on a reduced variant of the Lexus IS saloon – who would’ve thought?

Subaru anticipates to persist manufacturing the GR86 in order to keep its productions running at maximum potential. Yet, this may result in certain managerial predicaments as the Subaru-cho facility in the Gunma Region lies around 250 miles apart from the Motomachi factory where the G16E-GTS motor is united.

In the event that this holds true, the costs incurred by transferring engines between premises will likely be reflected in the final price to the client, divulges the source.

Toyota has been testing out three-cylinder GR86s in the Super Taikyu race series, running them on synthetic fuel. Naoyuki Sakamoto, chief engineer of Gazoo Racing, stated: “We are considering the prospect of using it in the future, however, there are no concrete plans yet.” It is worth noting that Toyota is already experimenting with this technology.

In regards to the outstanding GR Supra, Mag-X is convinced that its successor will be revealed as a solely electric sports car. Much like the future GR86, it appears Toyota are tackling development assiduously, meaning any partnership with BMW may be subject to abrogation. That said, Toyota themselves have declared that GR models will solely use hybrid powertrains by 2030, implying that rumors concerning an electrified Supra may be inaccurate.

We need to be sceptical of all these reports because Toyota has not released any official information to prove them. Unfortunately, aficionados of Gazoo Racing will have to wait and see.

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