Toyota Crown Sport: 302-HP, Athletic Looks, 746-Mile Range

Cable-Free Miles Up to 56 with New Model

Toyota is introducing another model from their Crown lineup, the all-new crown Sport, which harbors a plug-in hybrid powertrain producing an impressive 302 horsepower. This comes from the stronghold 2.5-liter four-cylinder motor, working in concert with two electric motors to give all four wheels that extra boost of energy.

Other notable feats include 56 miles of all-electric travel and a grand total range, including gas power, surpassing 746 miles. Charging on a traditional plug requires 5.5 hours while a quick charger can bring the battery up to 80% in as little as 38 minutes.

Improvement in the administration of the floor is achieved through more reinforcement, and modifications have been made to the Adaptive Variable Suspension system. Prior to proceding further, try to gauge what the size of the brakes is.

If you assumed anything lighter than 20 inches, you are incorrect. That’s burly but justifiable – the Crown Sport’s electric hybrid doohickeys have experienced a surge in mass from the typical fainthearted hybrid variation’s 3,990-lb score to an incredible 4,475 lbs. At least this implies customers acquire access to Toyota’s extraordinary My Room Setting, which endeavors to make the cab an even better spot to be when you’re anticipating the battery to be charged.

Dancing around those big front brakes (adorned with striking red six-piston calipers), you’ll find 21-inch wheels. Other fine features include black and red seating, sporty chair upholstery and even red seatbelts. So, how much is this all worth?

In Japan, the Crown Sport PHEV can now be purchased and is available in RS spec at an estimated cost of ¥7,650,000 (around $53,000). In contrast, the U.S. has access to the Platinum model of the Crown sedan which might even be a more attractive buy – it is comparably priced at an MSRP of $53,070 and further produces 340 hp with its 2.4-liter turbo hybrid system.

Subsequent to the debut of the Crown Signia SUV in the United States, the carmaker has briefly hinted at the likelihood of an off-road-oriented version. Accordingly, it is likely that many more Toyota Crown modifications will be seen in days ahead.

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