Toyota GR Yaris: 530HP, $164K In Mods

The GR Yaris, Not Even the Most Powerful

Proving that great things come in diminutive size, Toyota has introduced the GR Yaris. Boasting a turbocharged, 1.6-liter tri-cylinder engine, the pocket rocket delivers an exhilarating 268 horsepower. This engine can be also found in the GR Corolla; however, it gives a colossal 300 horsepower. If that’s not enough, aftermarket tuners will most certainly do the trick.

This supermini is powered by a heavily modified version of the “G16E-GTS” engine, which is capable of producing a whopping 530 hp on pump gas. However, when running on ethanol, the three-pot motor only manages to output 457 hp at the wheels. The tuner had difficulty squeezing out more power with E85 due to the limited capacity of the wastegate. This valve regulates the flow of exhaust gas to the turbine of a turbocharger. The owner is convinced that further modifications could potentially push the engine to a staggering 660 hp.

This Widebody *BIG TURBO* 530BHP GR Yaris is WILD! *Fully Forged*

The innovative motor has been implanted and then extracted from the automobile multiple times throughout the driver’s mission to gain more strength from the minuscule three-cylinder engine. Constructed by SRD Tuning, this GR Yaris was outfitted with a Plusar turbocharger; still, much like most creative projects, it is never really finished. The owner desires to incriminate a consecutive gearbox, a modified suspension, and enhance the position of the wheels to match up the broad bodied vehicle. Already done investing an immense £130,000 ($164,000 according to today’s conversion rate) to advance the vivacious hatchback, where it resides at present.

Take warning, this model is not the greatest GR Yaris on earth. Last year, Powertune Australia managed to modify the three-cylinder motor to an unreal 741 horsepower, luckily, it was already equipped with all-wheel drive from factory. According to gossip, Toyota has intentions of making the GR Yaris come standard with 300 hp in their next upgrade. Moreover, possibly for the 2024 version a completely new eight-speed automatic transmission might be created.

When it comes to the most powerful three-cylinder engine, Koenigsegg’s twin-turbo “Tiny Friendly Giant” holds the title with its impressive 600 hp in the Gemera. This engine is a testament to the Swedish automaker’s engineering capabilities and demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The Tiny Friendly Giant is a 1.5-liter engine that delivers an astonishing 600 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque, making it one of the most powerful three-cylinder engines ever made. Despite its small size, the engine is incredibly efficient and offers superior performance compared to larger engines. It is also incredibly lightweight, allowing the Gemera to reach speeds of up to 250 mph.

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