Toyota Starlet: Rally-Inspired Powerhouse

460 HP Boxy Hatch: High Boosted Performance

The limited US availability of the Toyota Starlet during the 1980s saw its short tenure, yet an intriguing variation is the KP61 model introduced on eBay which features the impressive Cosworth YB inline-four. This motor is identical to the one employed in the 1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth homologation model.

As a consequence, the particular Starlet yields 460 horsepower on maximum boost, making it significantly more potent compared to the 300-hp GR Corolla. Such might likewise beplaysignificantly better than the well-regarded JDM Starlet GT Turbo – a cast of the most adored vehicles by Toyota in the nineties.

The seller succeeded in a smooth transition, augmenting the YB engine with uncommon aftermarket elements, including a Turbo Technics T36 turbocharger, up-to-date valves, an alternate intake camshaft, a high-pressure oil pump, Mahle pistons and bearings, as well as introducing a hydraulic clutch swap, a Custom Pro intercooler, and an authenticated Cosworth crankshaft.

Surprisingly, the motor continues to be equipped with a Toyota cylinder head cover.

Boasting a Cosworth four-cylinder motor as its powerhouse, the car also has an Atlas differential with a limited-slip in the rear. A Cosworth T5 manual transmission serves as the mediator between the engine and the back axle while a conventionally engineered suspension set up adds stability and Yokohama A048R semi-slicks provide enhanced grip. Furthermore, stopping capacity is amplified via four-pot disc brakes at the front.

Presenting a mere 40,000 miles on the odometer, the owner asserts that a comprehensive bare-metal restoration was implemented to obtain a perfect condition.

For those with an enthusiasm for remarkable small subcompact motorcar, this may be a suitable option. However, two major disadvantages should be taken into consideration before buying. To begin with, the automobile is located in Chesterfield, England. Subsequently, the price tag associated with it is rather high. The seller is asking for a price of GBP 35,000; which roughly translates to 42,000 USD, which is higher than the initial costs of the 2024 Toyota GR Corolla Premium Variant.

If you obtaining the car domestic (which would be permitted assuming the car is at least 25 years old), you must battle with the right-hand drive sequence.

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