Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Gets Tundra Power at SEMA

Toyota Debuts Multiple Concepts and Builds

Toyota is set to have a busy attendance at the coming Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) event, revealing almost a score of vehicles that will be present – most notably being the newly-created Tacoma X-Runner Concept. This interesting street performance concept is based on the contemporary 2024 Tacoma model.

The Japanese brand has yet to provide specifics of the cars it will showcase at the event but stated that it will offer a walkaround soon. Four vehicles have been crafted specifically for the auto show, such as the FJ Bruiser (a classic Land Cruiser with a NASCAR engine), a Retro Cruiser, and a “Blue Beetle” Tacoma, which is inspired by DC’s latest superhero flick.

The esteemed Japanese corporation has briefly exposed a digital portrayal of their Tacoma X-Runner Concept, as well as unleashed the primary episode in a YouTube series highlighting the formation procedure.

"Tacoma X-Runner Concept": SEMA Build Episode 1 | Toyota

The notion is molded on the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro iteration of the pick-up truck, complete with oversize fender flares and a dark bonnet with an aperture. It is granted with a collection of 21-inch rims, created by Lax and Toyota collaboratively. This amalgamation of rims flaunts a carbon-fiber drum as well as manufactured aluminum center, which expedites its athletic and grounded demeanor.

Toyota is set to showcase its expanded Associate Accessory Products featuring the TRD Performance Package for the Tundra, comprising of the TRD Pro and debuting Trailhunter.

The notion comes with a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6, but its exact power production has yet to be ascertained. Even though, we are already familiar with this motor figuring out 389 hp and 479 lb-ft in the Tundra so we imagine something similar here. In the teaser photo, the back tires appear like fire from the Fourth of July, which leads us to compute that it’ll have either an 4×2 drivetrain or the choice between 2WD and 4WD.

Despite the Tacoma and Tundra sharing the TNGA-F platform, fitting was not a seamless process. To get the engine from the bigger truck to fit, Toyota had to carve away some parts of the engine compartment and create additional brackets. Some components were repurposed, with control arms from the Tundra being put to use.

In addition to the components exchanged between them, the Tacoma X-Runner Concept also deploys an air suspension system to reduce it, resulting in a lowered, truck-inspired stance.

Toyota might be releasing distinct incarnations of its stock cars, however, Nissan is also partaking in an analogous activity when they recently presented the epic Frontier Race Truck constructed only out of Nismo elements.

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