Toyota Teases Rugged Crown Crossover SUV

Is Anyone Interested in Purchasing?

Rumors have abounded that the extraordinary Toyota Crown off-road concept presented at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon may eventually become a reality. Speculation is circulating in Japan that this unique vehicle could potentially reach production levels.

Implying that the concept could be put into production, Shimizu said “We’re looking into launching this in the near future.”Car Watch Japan report that Toyota may be ready to bring the Crown Outdoor Concept to the market. During the unveiling of a new Matte Metal special edition, the engineering chief of the Crown lineup, Ryutaro Shimizu, shared that additional Crown derivatives can be expected soon. Hinting at possible manufacturing of the concept vehicle, Shimizu went on to state, “We are actually evaluating the possibility of making it available in the proximate future.”

According to the media source, the Crown Outdoor Concept was alluded to in the showcase, and a photo of the automobile featured during the exhibition. Even though this isn’t an unequivocal confirmation, it appears as if the Japanese vehicle maker has an inclination towards producing such a model.

Whereas the crossover sedan offers more ground clearance when compared with its competitors, it cannot be considered an off-road vehicle. The Outdoor Concept’s heavier suspension and over-sized tires are no match for a Bronco operated by even a novice at four-wheeling.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing press conference(English Subtitles)| TOKYO AUTO SALON 2023

Nevertheless, it is conceivable that this concept could be applied to the recently-released Toyota Crown SUV in North America. Additionally, the rather stylish Crown Sport, sadly not available in the US, would also fit the bill. Nonetheless, it appears unlikely that the more luxurious sedan model is suitable.

From an artistic standpoint, it unquestionably presents well. Though the Crown may not attract all, these outdoorsy extras are harmoniously incorporated into the aesthetic. Numerous modifications, like roof and hood lighting drapes, floor covers, a ceiling rack, and more powerful mudguards, decorate the face of the vehicle.

We do not anticipate the mass production of a Crown to come along with these accompanying items, yet it could feasibly turn up as a restricted version for Japan. If Toyota wants prevalent acceptance, we presume that it might employ the Crown Signia SUV as a foundation.


Conversely, commencing an off-roading journey with a hybrid crossover may not be the most advisable idea. Furthermore, those in search of an appropriate desert annihilator could consider several options including the Land Cruiser and 4Runner.

When this Outdoor Concept was shown earlier this year, it did not receive much attention in comparison to the hydrogen and electric AE86 concepts. However, it is obvious that enough individuals had taken note, as a big name like Toyota would not have generated such an idea unless they had done thorough research.

It’s far from the solitary Crown idea we can wait for shortly. Shimizu has affirmed that the automobile manufacturer has more than 100 concepts of special editions, all provoked by customer suggestions. We are thrilled to observe what will come up next. Could there be reports of a coupe or cabriolet body style? Let us remain hopeful.

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