Toyota Unveils Mysterious ‘New Dawn’ Model

Mystery Car: Our Ideas

Toyota has unveiled a cryptic teaser for a new model that is set to be released soon, leaving us with more questions than answers. All we know is that the Japanese car manufacturer has stated that “a new dawn is coming”. What could it be? We’ll have to wait and see.

The shape of the impending Toyota obviously denies that it is an SUV or SUV-like vehicle; it is simply much too low to be considered one. On the other hand, its configuration doesn’t really conform to that of a sports car, given that head restraints are visible in the back, which points to it being either a sedan or hatchback.

Could this be a sportier iteration of the Prius, Camry, or Corolla? Could it be a reissue of the Toyota Avalon, which has been superseded by the brand-new Crown? With its extra row of seating, this thing is capable of accommodating five people.

Redesigned to an even more striking and appealing compact vehicle, the latest Prius model has proved to be more powerful than the venerable GR86. In fact, Toyota corp. have made it known that a GR version with 302 horsepower is in the flesh. Additionally, the company rolled out the Corvette Le Mans Centennial GR Edition this year.

There is a possibility Toyota could have a sporty GR Prius version in the offing, though the headlight signature does not appear to equal the standard model. Perhaps Toyota is planning to bring out a GR Corolla sedan, however this concept has been dismissed due to the difference in illumination and the Corolla having just been released not too long ago.

Speculation has been bouncing around regarding the possibility of a 4-door Toyota Corolla GR for a while, and as Toyota hasn’t yet ventured into that sector, it could effectively occupy the space left behind by the Subaru WRX STI. Despite this, we remain skeptical.

It could be offered, that this is a novel variety of Toyota Camry, as the active pattern date backs to 2017, thus being seven years aged and ready for swap.

The phrase “a new dawn is coming” could allude to a hydrogen or electric powertrain, but the Camry demographic is not the type to embrace new technology quickly. Nevertheless, we can’t dismiss the chance of an all-hybrid powertrain lineup, similar to what Toyota has done with the Sienna. Toyota has been vocal about its conviction that a gradual approach to powertrain variety is the most prudent move, so while EVs will be introduced at some point, hybrids will still form a major part of Toyota’s selection for some time.

Toyota has not given out the date when their fresh model is due to be launched. From the drawn-out campaign for the Tacoma, it looks like we may have to wait for a few months prior to its main unveiling.

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