Transform G63 to Overlanding Beast: $400K

Beauty in the Trader Joe’s Parking Lot

Have you been searching for a car that can take on the toughest inclines and ascend the most precipitous sand dune? Have you found that even the formidable Mercedes G63 AMG doesn’t satisfy your needs? If so, what actions can you take?

Transforming your $200,000 luxury SUV into something greater is a task Pit26 Motorsports excels at. Their G63 model is designed to effectively combat even the most grueling deserts and plains, while also providing an unparalleled level of comfort and sophistication.

Recently, Californian tuners issued a modified version of the model they had launched a couple of months previously. Despite not offering an augmentation in terms of power, their alterations merited attention. The G63 is kept intact by virtue of its 4.0-liter double turbocharged V8 engine which supplies 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft torque.

The majority of upgrades on the new truck are continued from the prior model. The enterprise commences with broadening the wheelbase by twenty inches, incorporated a pickup bed, and incorporating re-geared portal axles that raise the ground clearance significantly – almost six inches.

Bilstein shocks enter the picture too, and eventually 18-inch Innov8 Racing Wheels wrapped in substantial 38×13.5R18 Toyo mud tires finish off the particulars.

This truck’s upgrades now offer an advanced set of running boards brought to you by Pit26 – the Amp Step System. This system guarantees easy access to different areas of the vehicle with added protection from probable wear and tear. In addition, the reassuringly sturdy front bumper, complete with a Warn winch and skid plates, gives you the confidence that no matter what terrain you encounter or how daring you are, you’ll be able to make it back unscathed.

This automobile possesses a unique bumper with rear-swinging capability and a fully equipped spare part. In addition, certain modifications have been made to the vehicle in response to the customer’s inquiries; such as the development of a specifically designed roof rack. The truck is fitted with 12 KC Hi-Lite flex-era lights placed in both spot and flood lighting formats to make even the darkest hours tolerable.

By utilizing the distinctive mounting system that was devised by Pit26, a Truck Vault can be snugly fixed in the bed of the truck with the aid of a Pro Eagle jack. Additionally, this apparatus allows you to affix two bicycles safely as well as many items like shovels and axes.

A rooftop tent is an imperative part of any reliable overlanding setup, so this build was fashioned with a custom roof rack adapter for accommodating the IKamper Mini and overall protection was provided by the Line-X bedliner to keep everything safe from damage.

The organisation only furnished photos of the lorry’s outer aspect, and the comprehensive outfit renders it appear like a legitimate all-terrain brute. On the off chance that you need to arrive at a location, this vehicle will absolutely bring you there; if it can’t, then that place is perhaps called Mordor.

Naturally, an improvement such as this comes at a price. In addition to the cost of the car, one must pay an extra $385,000; however, should one ever become disinterested in it, the business states that everything is conveniently reversible.

It is unclear as to why someone would desire this, but the option is there available. Don’t panic if the pricey personalised G63 build isn’t suitable however, because there are a wide variety of alternatives that can be looked into.

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