Unused McLaren Elva for Sale at Uncertain Price

Is Spending Above MSRP Worth It for this Exotic?

Exotic vehicles which have been manufactured in limited numbers usually tend to appreciate in worth with the passage of time. Nonetheless, the asking price for a certain McLaren Elva featured on Hollman International appears especially high when compared to other listings. As such, the example being sold is currently requesting an above-average value.

It’s without a doubt remarkable to find an Elva which is so rarely sold and nearly untouched; this car is gobsmacking, only having a 31-mile odometer reading! But it doesn’t come inexpensively, setting the potential buyer back almost two million bucks in today’s currency.

It’s straightforward to find used examples of this vehicle for less, particularly those with just 31 miles or more. As proof, duPont Registry is presently offering a 77-mile one for a reduced price of $1.5 million — significantly cheaper than its initial Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $1.7 million.

Nothing else from the British carmaker can match it: The McLaren Elva is set to be a showstopper on any roadway. Making usage of the McLaren 720S’ twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine as its nucleus, the Elva generates an incredible 804 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to reach 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. Its best speed goes beyond 203 mph – something beginners would want to have a helmet handy for – and do the quarter mile in approximately 9.9 seconds.

Styling touches boast a selection of carbon fiber pieces featured in the stealth package, offering Silica White paint to adorn most of the automobile outer body (along with wheel fittings) and complementing Galvanic Grey panels. Adding cohesion between the interior and exterior is a subtle application of red striping.

The cabin of this Elva sports car is certainly spectacular, with upholstered seating and interior armrest console done in stunning Carmine Red leather, juxtaposed by an abundance of carbon fiber in the steering wheel and other visible areas. We’ve witnessed a multitude of inventive Elva constructions, however this instance of beautified configuration stands out with resplendent red seatbelts, white emulated trim lines, plus further flamboyant Galvanic Grey flourishes. Be advised, the figure of the car does not integrate local taxes.

In contrast, there are not many single-place, mass-produced vehicles accessible; and if investing millions on something with no windshield and roof, it hardly makes sense to remain meager specifically with the interior design.

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