Unveiled: Sneak Peek of Mini Aceman EV Before Launch Day

Introducing the compact Mini crossover: Your first glimpse!

Before its scheduled reveal on April 24, the highly anticipated Mini Cooper Aceman has already made an unexpected appearance, to the likely displeasure of top executives at BMW Tower. This early leak gives us a sneak peek at the electric crossover, which has been shrouded in camouflage until now. The clandestine unveiling of Mini’s newest creation was brought to light by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Intended to bridge the distance between the condensed Cooper Hardtop and the extended crossovers, the Aceman bears a striking resemblance to a downsized iteration of the Countryman Electric.

With that being said, the design elements have not transitioned smoothly and appear rather clumsy on the smaller body. The Aceman resembles more of a low-cost crossover (feel free to take a look at the Citroen C3 available in the Indian and Brazilian markets) rather than a luxury compact car.

Previewed in both the S and ostensibly Cooper trims, there are slight variations between the more athletic iteration and its standard equivalent. The former boasts high-end LED headlights with unique lighting designs, elegant bronze-toned accents on the faux grille and bumper, and prominent ‘S’ emblems on the front fascia.

There are noticeable distinctions present at the back of these vehicles, with the livelier version sporting an S emblem on its tailgate. Additionally, the bumper displays the same bronze detailing. In contrast, the standard model appears quite dull in comparison. However, as illustrated in the images below, both the Cooper Aceman and Aceman S will have a range of aesthetic upgrades available.

The article discusses a variety of options for personalizing your car, including changing the color of the side mirrors, choosing from multiple decal patterns, and selecting from various wheel designs in sizes ranging from 17 to 19 inches. The availability of JCW-branded accessories may hint at the possibility of a future JCW model or a JCW styling package.

It should be pointed out that the choices available may differ between markets, meaning that American-spec models may come with unique add-ons and appearance options.

The Aceman boasts a sleek and condensed design, with dimensions of 161.1 inches in length (a mere 2.6 inches longer than the previous Mini Cooper four-door), 59.6 inches in height, and 69 inches in width. Its electric powertrain allows for a spacious 102.5-inch wheelbase, just three inches shorter than the Audi Q3.

Interestingly, MIIT has included another measurement for vehicle length (160.4 inches), which can be attributed to the availability of various bumpers for each model.It is noteworthy that the MIIT specifies an alternative length for the vehicles (160.4 inches) due to the varying options of bumpers for each specific model.

According to CarNewsChina, the Aceman is said to feature identical electric powertrains as its Cooper Hardtop counterpart. The base model will boast 181 horsepower and a 40.7 kWh battery, while the sportier S version will have a more robust 215 horsepower and a bigger 54.2 kWh battery, allowing for a top speed of 106 mph.

Just a friendly reminder, the official unveiling of the Aceman is scheduled for April 24 at Auto China, otherwise known as the Beijing Auto Show. Our estimate is that it will make its way to the American market by 2025.

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