Mini Cooper Electric Hardtop: JCW Sport Trim

Get JCW Style with Less Performance

A refreshed John Cooper Works trim is now available for the all-electric 2025 Mini Cooper SE, sold as the Electric Hardtop in the USA. Without boosting the power, this diminutive quadricycle can get an edge with distinguished outside and interior traits that make it stand out from the crowd.

The JCW edition brings forth a sporty look with enthusiastic diffusers to the nose and tail, as well as low-profile side sills. Divided among red, black, and white, it also includes Chilli Red hood stripes, brake calipers, a differentiating painted roof in the same shade of Chilli Red, and door mirror covers. To top it off, an impressive chequered flag pattern is proudly displayed on the high-gloss black grille.

Additional facts also include a set of 18-inch Lap Spokes with a dual-tone design, regular LED headlamps, and Matrix Backlights with unique luminous signatures. The JCW signature brings two flat light beams for the daytime running lamps.

Step inside, and you’ll experience Mini’s alterations to the interior. Revving up the atmosphere, the sporty cabin showcases JCW seats trimmed in a combination of imitation leather (sporting red threading) and various-hued knit fabric. This same color palette is also seen through the two-dimensional woven dashboard and door panels. Highlighting the passenger area is a JCW chequered flag delicately decorating the fascia.

The Mini Cooper SE electric vehicle is equipped with an advanced OLED display, as well as telephone, media, and navigational functions. There is one special experience mode on offer – the JCW-inspired ‘Go-Kart’ mode – which turns the car’s interior to a flattering Anthracite Red. Moreover, while in this mode, a distinct sound is produced and the acceleration is intensified.

Protective measures involve the incorporation of Parking Assistant Plus, utilizing four surrounding cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors to distinguish parking spots.

Owners of the Mini Cooper EV JCW model can also take advantage of smartphone parking, allowing the car to be parked without anyone having to sit in the driver’s seat.

It has been stated before that the power remains undiminished, making the JCW variant still retaining the same 215 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. The Cooper SE JCW edition will reach 62 mph in an astounding 6.7 seconds, a velocity able to meet the requirements of most drivers. Compared to its latest Italian competitor, the Fiat 500e, the Mini Cooper Electric Hardtop unquestionably offers quicker performance.

A 54.2 kWh battery furnishes a 250-mile radius fueled by the WLTP cycle. The Mini may benefit from fast charging at the rate of up to 95 kW, should it be connected to a DC quick charger. All told, it might take scarcely more than half an hour to supply power from 10% to 80%.

If you are eager for the genuine article,the designation JCW edition will eventually come out and is speculated to be accessible both with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and EV (Electric Vehicle) options.

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