Unveiling a Bland Box Truck Transformed into a Beach-Ready Camper: It’s More Than Meets the Eye!

Surfboard stowed away under truck reveals secret spot

Stealth campers have become a popular trend in the world of motorhomes. These innovative builders convert box trucks or plain white vans into cozy living spaces. In a recent video, Scott, an owner of one such camper, proudly showcases his creation. He parks it by the beach, where he spends six months every year surfing.

Like all covert campers, the external appearance of this construction is rather unremarkable. It’s a plain white 2008 GMC W-Series truck without any noticeable indicators that it serves as a miniature house on wheels. Scott has ingeniously managed to store his 11-foot surfboard in a concealed area at the back of the vehicle.

Upon raising the back panel, a facade resembling a miniature cabin is exposed. The wall is adorned with rustic wooden panels and boasts two grand windows and a doorway. Inside, Scott has cleverly utilized 120 square feet of living space, showcasing impressive efficiency. It is a rare sight to witness a builder designing a floor-level pantry for food storage, rather than occupying the upper walls with cabinets.

In Orange County, California, the beach is bathed in constant sunlight, and Scott makes sure to make the most of it. He has cleverly installed solar panels on his truck’s roof, providing a generous 1,600 watts of energy. This impressive amount of power can easily charge up to six batteries. With this setup, Scott is able to operate essential appliances such as a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioning unit, and water heater without any trouble. The efficiency of the system is so remarkable that there is no need for a generator on board the truck, nor does Scott ever have to connect to an external source for electricity.

Scott constructed this covert recreational vehicle for a total of $65,000, which is slightly higher than other comparable projects such as the $54,000 Isuzu or the $37,000 Mitsubishi. Yet in comparison to a conventional, commercially-made RV that can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, this hand-crafted mobile abode would definitely be deemed as a steal.

His secret beach house is inside a box truck!?

Source: Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube, via Autoevolution

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