Unveiling KW Suspension’s Kia EV6 V3 Coilovers: Creating the Perfect Low Profile Look

Upgrade Your Electric Car’s Suspension with High-Quality Coilovers for Optimal Performance!

KW Suspensions has recently unveiled their latest creation, the V3 coilover kit designed specifically for the Kia EV6 GT. This upgraded suspension system not only enhances the appearance of the popular compact electric crossover, but also delivers exceptional ride quality and handling without any compromises. As with all KW products, each coilover kit is meticulously crafted upon order in their factory located in Fichtenberg, Germany. This ensures that customers can have peace of mind knowing that they will receive a high-quality product, especially in a vehicle with a weight of over 5,300 pounds. This assurance alone makes the price of the kit well worth it.

Despite the fact that the EV6 GT comes equipped with adaptive dampers as a standard feature, KW’s package does not include electronically adjustable dampers, resulting in the loss of this capability. To avoid any potential error codes, a cancellation module has been created.

According to KW, top-of-the-line vehicles often reject adaptive dampers in favor of enhanced track prowess. They use the example of the European version of the Audi RS4 Avant, which managed to shave off 20 seconds from its Nurburgring lap time despite not having adaptive dampers. While this may seem like a simplistic explanation for the RS4’s improvements with the Competition Plus Package, it highlights the fact that manually adjustable damping is not always a disadvantage.

The KW kit lowers the vehicle by 20 millimeters as its default setting. However, for those who prefer a more lowered ride, there is an option to adjust up to 45 mm. Going any lower may jeopardize your warranty.

In 2020, BBS Wheels declared bankruptcy and was later purchased by KW Automotive. Ever since, the company has experienced a steady growth and it is not surprising to see their CC-R Unlimited wheels adorning the EV6 GT’s wheel wells.

BBS Unlimited offers a wide range of options for personalization, with their versatile wheels. These White Gold-painted rims are generously sized at 10×22 inches each, with a front offset of 49mm and a rear offset of 42mm. Additionally, these wheels are equipped with a black rim guard, sturdy wheel bolts, and stylish valve caps. The brand’s signature 3D Rotational Center Caps are also included, resembling those found on the prestigious Rolls-Royce Phantom as they automatically align themselves.

In terms of cost, the total amount to be paid is €3,266.55, which includes tax (equivalent to $3,535.58 as of this writing).


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