Unveiling the Unreleased Porsche Minivan: An Exclusive Look

Central seating in three-row interior offers prime driving position.

In the year 2020, a total of 15 groundbreaking concepts were revealed with the publication of the “Porsche Unseen” book. These vehicles had been kept under wraps for years, having been designed in secret between 2005 and 2019 before being unveiled by the prestigious Zuffenhausen brand. Among these innovative designs, one stood out above the rest – the Vision Renndienst. Despite its unconventional appearance as a futuristic minivan, this concept undoubtedly captured the attention of many.

Porsche has recently released a new video showcasing their latest creation – an electric people mover. The company has gone beyond just conceptualizing the vehicle and has built a full-scale model to give us a closer look at its unique features. The most striking aspect of this MPV is its unusual interior, which has drawn inspiration from iconic cars like the McLaren F1 / Speedtail, Lamborghini Egoista, and Gordon Murray T.50. However, unlike these supercars, the people mover is designed to be more practical with a central driver’s seat and five additional seats in the back. The middle row consists of a pair of seats, while a three-seat bench is placed behind them. Although there are only two “floating” headrests, the vehicle can still accommodate up to seven passengers.

First Look: Porsche Vision Renndienst 'Race Service' Concept | Sgcarmart Access

The Renndienst Vision featured an unbalanced door arrangement that consisted of a lone entryway on one side and dual openings on the other. These were all designed as sliders, and with no obstructing B-pillar, entering and exiting was a cinch. The flooring was expertly crafted to accommodate the unique EV blueprint, resulting in a level surface throughout. To further enhance the passenger experience, the driver’s seat could also be effortlessly maneuvered forward, providing effortless access to the individual back seats.

The dashboard display is bordered by two displays which likely display images captured by the side cameras replacing traditional mirrors. The electric minivan boasts a rather unconventional design for its windows, particularly for a minivan, which includes a small sunroof exclusively for the driver. In addition, there are touch panels on the doors and ceiling, but they are solely for aesthetic purposes as they do not serve any functional purpose. After all, this is simply a 1:1 replica.

Porsche likely never intended to bring the Vision Renndienst to the market. If it had, enthusiasts might have promptly parted with their treasured 911s. The concept was simply created for entertainment and as a nod to the Volkswagen Transporter-based Porsche Service Vehicles of the past. In return, VW honored Porsche by incorporating “Renndienst” (the German word for “race service”) branding in last year’s ID.Buzz model.

The minivan was perhaps the least captivating of all the Unseen concepts. For those who crave sports cars adorned with the renowned crest, models like the 904 Le Mans Living Legend, 919 Street, and Vision Spyder were far more intriguing. There was even a Vision Turismo that eventually transformed into the Taycan. Porsche also introduced Safari variations of both the 911 and Macan, with the former later evolving into the limited-edition 911 Dakar for production.

Source: Sgcarmart / YouTube

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