Upcoming public debut of the camo-less Charger from Dodge in the works

Spot Dodge’s Latest Muscle Ride While Traveling Michigan’s Roads

Recently, Dodge unveiled images of the upcoming Charger model without any coverings. And now, we have caught a glimpse of it cruising on the I-75 Freeway in Michigan, which happens to be in close proximity to Dodge’s headquarters.

The Instagram post from @connor.mink offers a unique glimpse at the tail of the Charger, specifically its rear light setup. The lights bear a resemblance to those of the current model, but feature geometric, pixelated designs.

The back window seems to have a pronounced slope, and it appears to provide adequate visibility towards the rear based on the portions of the headrests in the back seats that are visible. The decklid also features a small wing, which appears to be more for aesthetic purposes rather than serving a practical function for enhancing aerodynamics.

While there has been speculation about a gasoline-powered Charger, the absence of exhaust pipes suggests that this specific prototype is most likely an electric vehicle. Regrettably, there is no opportunity to experience the artificial Fratzonic engine sound, which was initially previewed in 2022, in the footage provided.

Images from Dodge’s official release (shown above) give a closer glimpse at the front of the latest Charger model. This design incorporates elements from both the current Challenger and the classic 1968-1970 Charger. The sleek appearance is enhanced with modern accents, such as the wing located on the tip of the nose.

Currently, there is limited information available about the interior of the upcoming Charger. The released images depict a simplistic design for the cabin (depicted below), featuring a digital gauge cluster and a hexagonal-shaped infotainment monitor. Beneath the display are a few tactile buttons, while the rest of the console remains uncluttered, with the gearshift as the focal point.

The power figures for this corporation have not been publicly disclosed, but there is speculation that consumers will have the option to choose from a range of outputs spanning 455 to 880 horsepower. In addition, if a traditional fuel-powered iteration is released, speculation suggests that Dodge’s trustworthy twin-turbo Hurricane engine, capable of producing up to 510 horsepower in select Jeep models, will be utilized.

The debut of the Charger is anticipated to occur prior to summer and it will arrive at dealerships by the conclusion of 2024. At this time, there are no pricing specifics available, but more details may become accessible in the near future as test vehicles are already being seen on the roads.

Source: connor.mink via Instagram

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