Upgrade Your Mustang: Quick & Easy with Recaro Seats

Upgrade Your S550 Mustang with Recaro Style at Home

Those familiar with the YouTube channel RacerX will realize that its host has their personal S550 Ford Mustang GT and is usually providing reports related to muscle cars’ information and material.

His ride is the “Hellion” twin-turbocharged Mustang, which by his claim is rapid and potent. There are some other small updates he performed to the vehicle, and he’s using E85 fuel, but in this most recent vid, he’s ready to make an immense adjustment.

After unpacking two fresh chairs sent from his partner Recaro, he explicates why he chose to alter his setup and how others can also switch out their original front seats for spectacular ones of the same kind.

Massive Upgrade to my Twin Turbo Mustang - Recaro Sportster GT Install

RacerX’s recently-unveiled 2023 Ford Mustang displays a magnificent red hue indicative of its reputation as one of the finest muscle cars on the market. Only minor improvements to the interior have been made such as a carbon fiber steering wheel with striking crimson fixtures, and various other carbon fiber embellishments in the cabin. Adding to the aesthetic is a pair of state-of-the-art Recaro seats fashioned from black and red leather that look absolutely menacing when exposed to the light of day beside the vehicle.

RacerX expresses that the commonplace Mustang chairs are not particularly bothersome, but do lack something in their design. In general, they are not remarkable or noteworthy in any distinguishing way.

These Recaro chairs are going to drastically enhance the appearance of the interior and lend the driver a practical, domineering sensation when at the helm.

The video displays the primary assembly of the chairs subsequent to eliminating the old ones, with supportive counsel for preventing the airbag notice from triggering when the new seats are in place.

It seems that Recaro does not proffer electric-operated seats for the muscle car at this moment, and even the stock Recaro variant is manual alone, however RacerX expresses that they perhaps could consider adding on electrically powered poses.

Inclusion of the GT Performance packet on the 2024 Ford Mustang GT Premium is essentially essential to receive the manufacturing Recaro seat opportunity, leading to roughly $6,600 being added to the cost of the automobile. However, buying a Ford Performance Recaro seat for the 2018-2023 Mustang incurs an approximately $4,500 expense, signifying that the Recaro choice straight from the factory comes at a price tag that is roughly $3,000 lower.

Anticipation is high for the Ford Mustang Dark Horse, and its offering from the factory of a Recaro seat option further heightens enthusiasm.

In conclusion, after the completion of the seat assembly by RacerX, it appears quite remarkable – noticeably sportier. The black and scarlet colourings harmonise with its crimson paintwork. According to RacerX, they not only look great but also give a snug yet dynamic feel on the move, since they are positioned closer to the ground.

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