Uplifted Power in the Lexus UX Hybrid

Introducing Brand’s 5th Gen Hybrid System Model

Lexus has recently debuted the UX Hybrid for 2025, presenting an enhanced powertrain titled 300h. Besides this, there have been minimal adjustments to the hybrid crossover; one of these is a new outer hue.

In the year 2025, Lexus is introducing its 5th-gen hybrid system in the UX 300h. This feature provides users with an inline two liter, 4 cylinder engine and two motor-generators via a patented planetary-style CVT. The outcome of this pairing offers a noteworthy increase in horsepower from 181 to 196!

Lexus proclaims that its hybrid transaxle coupled with a light-weight lithium-ion battery amplifies the power yield while providing efficiency in terms of energy consumption. This includes a diminutive 60-cell battery which is situated beneath the rear seat for increased occupancy comfort and storage space.

The 2025 UX 300h introduces a variety of newly incorporated technologies, including shift-by-wire. This design offers a direct electrical connection from the gear shifter to the transmission, resulting in swifter and smoother gear changes. In AWD form, this remodeled hybrid powertrain allows the crossover to reach 60 miles per hour in an impressive 7.9 seconds.

The UX 300h offers the potential to be outfitted with E-Four all-wheel drive. This system includes a perpetual synchronized motor at the back axle, enabling almost instantaneous delivery of driving force in conditions of little traction or speed up.

Ultimately, for 2025, the UX model boasts the inclusion of Copper Crest as another exterior color selection. Also included among the range of available shades are Caviar, Obsidian, Redline, Nori Green Pearl, Grecian Water, Cloudburst Gray, Iridium, and Eminent White Pearl. Moreover, all hybrid variants come standard with 18-inch run-flat tires.

The UX will be obtainable with hybrid power in America, as well as a totally electric variant. The cost of the UX 300h will be revealed next year with purchasing commencing soon after that.

Source: Lexus

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