U.S. Tests New Volkswagen Tiguan

Engineering New Model to Mirror Existing

This collection of espionage pictures is the first occasion when we’ve had a chance to view the newest Volkswagen Tiguan testing in America. Engineers from the automaker have put together a thorough camouflage over what’s outside of the crossover vehicle.

VW has obscured the upper grille by installing a protective shroud between the headlights. As well, they incorporated a facade to part of the lower area. Radiators can be seen beneath this part and vertical vents appear on each extremity. At the base is a marginal wing.

It’s clear VW isn’t pushing the design boundaries.Judging by this vehicle, Volkswagen appears to be making few major modifications in the new Tiguan’s anatomy compared to the existing model. The front facade seems to be duller. The lines running along the sides aren’t as defined. Evidently, Volkswagen is not striving to challenge design constraints.

In the back, designers have adorned the tail lights with decals which give it the same general appearance as that of the present day Tiguan. The lower part of the bumper has also been covered up with a panel so as to maintain a similar aesthetic as the existing model.

Previous spy shots provided a peek inside the freshly designed Tiguan. An immense tablet-like display protrudes from the center console. Noteworthily, the instruments have been modified to feature a digital screen.

It’s said that the approaching Tiguan model iterates on its current platform, but resources appear to be focused on electric car production. This implies that VW have impoverished financial resources for developing a new architecture for the crossover.

As yet, there are no details regarding the powertrain available. Leveraging a further advancement of the existing platform might enable the engines to be carried over. As per an earlier report, an even more robust version may be forthcoming, yet the full ‘R’ model is unlikely to arrive. Notably, a plug-in hybrid variant should also become accessible.

A study from Germany suggests that the newest Tiguan will likewise be available as a completely electric model. Nonetheless, this one will be powered by Volkswagen’s MEB-Plus platform which is particularly devoted to EVs. The assembly of this version is set to commence in 2026 at VW’s major manufacturing plant in Wolfburg, Germany.

Volkswagen already has the 2023 version of the Tiguan ready in the United States. This suggests that we won’t witness the release of its replacement until the 2024 model season at minimum.

Source: Automedia

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