VinFast Unveils Pickup Concept with Superhero Styling

Captivating Design & Spacious Bed, But Missing Crucial Info

Vietnamese vehicle manufacturer VinFast has unveiled a preview of their inaugural pick-up truck at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. The truck prototype, known as the VinFast VF Wild, was created by an external design company. In contrast to the VF 8, which was designed by Pininfarina, the VF Wild was crafted by Australian firm GoMotiv.

The VF Wild is a vehicle that falls into the mid-size category, measuring at 209 inches in length and 79 inches in width. This puts it on par with other popular vehicles such as the Ford Ranger and the soon-to-be-released Kia Tasman.

When it comes to appearance, the VF Wild features the iconic VinFast front end combined with tough and sharp elements. As stated by the brand, the design was meticulously crafted for 8,000 hours, incorporating the “Fluid Dynamism” concept that draws inspiration from the graceful movement of a superhero’s cape in the breeze.

The striking features of the VF Wild include its robust front bumper, protective skid plate, and distinct angular rear section. It also possesses a powerful presence with a broad, dominating stance, contrasting with its sleek roofline. While lacking character lines on its doors, these details are instead concentrated on the front and back of the car.

One notable exterior characteristic of the design is its five-foot-long carbon truck bed that comes with a collapsible mid-gate. While the rear seats are folded down, VinFast boasts a remarkable bed length of eight feet, surpassing the single-cab Ranger by two feet to claim the top spot in its class.

Currently, the specific details of the truck’s mechanics are unknown, however it is reasonable to assume that the VinFast VF 9 will feature a 402-horsepower electric engine. However, this may not suffice for heavy-duty truck tasks unless the electric vehicle is remarkably lightweight.

The interior of the VF Wild exudes an air of elegance, surpassing that of a typical pickup truck, and even for a concept model. It features suicide doors, a modern-looking dashboard, and an enormous windshield extending above the front row seats. While not a convertible, the truck offers a vast view of the sky, courtesy of its abundant glass elements. Additionally, numerous interior surfaces are adorned with what seems to be opulent Nubuck leather.

Although it may be an uncommon design, elements of the GMC Hummer EV Pickup can be detected in its overall structure, specifically the front end and its complete light bar.

The release date of the production version from the company is currently uncertain, as well as its availability in the United States. It is worth noting, however, that VinFast is currently constructing a factory in North Carolina. This would provide an opportunity for VinFast to bypass the tariff imposed on imported light trucks.

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