Volkswagen Regains Control: GTI Prevails as Button Battle Ends

New interior update for VW GTI features physical steering wheel controls as promised.

Information from the frontlines reveals that a prominent adversary in the Battle against Fasteners has experienced a significant loss: Volkswagen has ultimately surrendered and returned the GTI to the United Button Front (UBF).

In the wake of Honda’s initial defeat in its pursuit of touch-sensitive buttons, there has been widespread speculation among experts that the ongoing War on Buttons could not possibly continue for much longer. Despite automakers adamantly insisting that The Buttons Were Not Okay, it became increasingly clear that the war was not gaining popular support. And as the people who favored traditional buttons continued to show their vehement opposition by brandishing pitchforks, it was inevitable that this pivotal battle would ultimately end in defeat.

Images of the VW GTI Concept leading the charge in the Button War at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcase minimal changes to its interior, but with a crucial victory in regaining control of the Steering Wheel as a key Button stronghold. The improved infotainment display appears to be taken directly from the ID.7 EV, still under the possession of the UBF. However, with Hyundai as a fierce ally in the Button cause, it is only a matter of time before they reclaim it.

Despite the best efforts of Union of Brushed Flannel (UBF) to suppress pockets of resistance, the victory is not complete in GTI as haptic touch controls still prevail. In the control regions of Headlight and Climate, rebel forces continue to strongly defend their positions. While victory may seem near, this remarkable battle is far from reaching its conclusion.

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